Linked Data and RDF events at DrupalCon Austin

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Are you attending DrupalCon Austin and looking to learn more about Linked Data and Drupal? Here are a few events you shouldn't miss:

  • On Wednesday at 2:15pm, the case study session Linked Data + Drupal for Oceanographic data management will show Drupal is used to published Linked Data, which in turn can power other applications.
  • On Thursday at 11:45 (lunchtime), I'm organizing a Bird of a Feather to get together and give a quick update on the status of Linked data in Drupal.
  • On Friday, the Get involved with Core code sprint will be a good opportunity for those interested in contributing to Drupal 8. I will be helping to mentor newbies and get contributors started on RDF issues in Drupal 8 or any other aspect of Drupal 8…

Feel free to also just say hi and ask questions if you find me in the hallway in between sessions! Enjoy DrupalCon!


Quick DrupalCon Wrap up

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The video of the Linked Data case study was posted on the session page. If you forgot to evaluate the session, you can still do so by clicking on the link at the top of the session page, it takes less than 2 mins and it's useful to improve future events. Any feedback is appreciated :)

Here are some notes of the Bird of a Feather we had the next day (thanks Adam for taking notes, which I've adapted below).

How to discover vocabularies

Check first! It was designed to cover the majority of the content published on the web. If you can't find your type in the Type hierarchy, send an email to the mailing list (public-vocabs) and ask, there might a relevant type in the hierarchy but it's just named differently. If there isn't one, then you might find others who are interested in working with you to draft a proposal. Check out the list of accepted and pending proposal to and see if one matches your needs. One successful example was the TV and Radio schema which was added last year. Other examples are Health/Medical, and Schema Bib Extend Community Group which is still on going. If your idea is too specific and too niche for, you will be told so, but on the up side, you might find one or two people interested in collaborating with you on a new vocabulary (make sure to also ask on the semantic-web mailing list).

If your search on was unfruitful, check the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) project to search through hundreds of RDF vocabularies.

If you plan to develop and publish your own vocabulary, you can use Neologism, a Drupal distribution for building RDF Vocabularies:
- might need patches to make stable on D7. are you interested?
- example of Neologism-powered vocab: VoID -

Tools for entity extraction

Knowledge bases useful to reference topics

  • New York Times SKOS ( URI for locations, news topics, people. Not as broad as some other knowledge bases, but the advantage is that they link to NYT news articles.
  • Freebase ( Google's public knowledge base, a subset of Google's Knowledge Graph. Freebase's community curates data from Wikipedia. Available as RDF download. The knowledge graph is what powers a lot of the feature on Google Search such as the entity summary on the right (e.g. search for Lady Gaga) and the rich snippets (e.g. search for Multiple Sclerosis forum events).
  • WikiData (

Semantic Web

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