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This is the right place to get wisdom about being a good "group organizer".

Common tasks

For a group organizer (formerly called a group "admin" or "manager"), the common tasks are:

  • Make sure the welcome information is useful and relevant to new and returning members. You can use that to highlight important posts, explain how to use the group (and how not to), etc.
  • set the tone for the group - everything from the welcome message to starting and responding to discussions in your group helps to set a tone. The organizers (as stewards for group members) help set this tone.
  • Resolve disputes - if disputes should arise, try to resolve them keeping a positive attitude.
  • create vocabularies for your groups (if you want to use the group vocabulary feature - we should link this to some help text)
  • manage the home page panels (we should link this to some help text)
  • Have fun!

Specific tasks

There are some specific tasks according to the type of group:

  • Regional group
    • Promote local meetings
    • Report the status of the local group
    • Ask for help
    • Route technical questions to the right group, it is not usual to get answers about technical question from a geo-limited audience.
  • Specific Topic
  • Event related
  • Project related

Other Roles

We do have other site-wide roles as well:

  • anonymous (can't do much except for browse and search)
  • authenticated - create and join groups, post comments, post discussion, books, wiki, events, images, subscribe to content/users, post and vote on polls, signup for events, and maybe some other stuff
  • Editor: help with spam and moderating groups, manage aliases, administer OG, revert revisions, administer nodes, moderate group proposals, moderate and promote content via fasttoggle, administer comments,

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Special powers

As an organizer of a group, you will see five tabs at the top of the group (generally not public).
Here is a brief description of each:

  • Home - Tab for the actual Home page.
  • Edit - Used to change the content on the Home page Introduction section. The Default image can be changed in the Attached Images section. Pick an image that represents your group to remove the default image (three page collage image).
  • Taxonomy - Add or edit vocabularies that pertain only to this group. Each vocabulary will be shown on the post authoring form. Use categories to organize content within your group. (Visible by Group members)
  • Broadcast - Send messages to your group. Use sparingly.
  • Pages - Create a unique look for your Home page (replace the default home page) or add additional pages to your group.
    Some examples of Groups that have used pages:
    Home Page replacement:
    Home Page replacement:
    Home and Additional Pages:
    Multiple Pages:

Group notifications

This group offers an RSS feed. Or subscribe to these personalized, sitewide feeds:

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