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I am the creative director of, working with nonprofits and community groups as a Drupal developer and online organizer. I've been developing in Drupal since 2005, in the waning days of version 4.5.

I've been very active in the nonprofit tech and Drupal communities, co-organize monthly Drupal for nonprofits and social change discussions and have a background as a community organizer. I started the Philadelphia Drupal group, and have helped organize and present at numerous "Drupaldelphia" camps. In 2012, I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I have been active in the Portland user group (especially the frontend meetup).

I was the Drupalcon Portland frontend track chair in 2013.

Because my focus is on nonprofits and small community groups, I've ended up specializing in theming and frontend development, as functionality needs are often met with existing modules. I'm a fan of Sass, SMACSS, BEM and a boatload of other trendy acronyms.

I've attended doc sprints at many Drupalcons and camps and help out in the queue when I can. (For instance, I wrote much of the Theming Views 2 handbook page at the Drupalcon DC doc sprint.) I'm often on #drupal-support to help out others and ask my own questions.


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