Meetup Monday June 9th: Drupal Security & DrupalCon Roundup

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NOTE: Last-minute location change! We will meet at The Woods Coffee on Lakeway, where we have a table reserved from 7PM to 8:30PM. Max Bronsema will report directly from his recent experiences at DrupalCon Austin, and we'll talk about security issues with Drupal.


Meeting Notes

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DrupalCon 2014 Recordings <— where keynotes & session recordings can be found.

Start here, work through the schedule to find recordings:

Max’s DrupalCon Notes

Almost like being there!

The next DrupalCon will be held in Amsterdam, Sept 29-Oct 3.

BDUG Drupal Contrib Update

Max themusician5044 made his 3rd Drupal Core contribution at DrupalCon. It's a minor, but important consistency fix: the word "e-mail" has been replaced with “email" throughout Drupal 8!

If you want to know more about who’s contributing to Drupal, check out DrupalCores:
Simple table/graph of ALL Drupal committers, see the amazing diversity of the Drupal community — Drupal is made with many hands! (45%+ have made 1 commit, 2100+ committers)

Learning Drupal

Making the switch back to Drupal from Wordpress:
wp is easy but “limited” -- not a lot of flexibility in content model, etc., but easy to make look good
drupal is complicated, and hard to make look good, but “limitless" -- tons of flexibility that intimidates new Drupalers, but once mastered, is very powerful is a good resource for instructional videos. One of the great things they do is make “mistakes” and then correct them, so you can learn from their mistakes instead of making your own mistakes!

We will start a new, second meetup just for collaborating on the site, which will be a cookie recipe site. Anyone in the group who wants to can participate in building the site out. First meeting will be at The Woods Coffee on Lakeway at 5:30PM on Thursday, June 19th (one week from this Thursday).


Security modules that come in handy -- run before you deploy:
security review module (secures private files, don’t ship with the site)
secure code review module (don’t ship with the site)
coder module (don’t ship with the site)
coder tough love module (insists on complete documentation)

Security book by DrupalCon presenter Greg Knaddison/Greggles:
[Cracking Drupal - A Drop in the Bucket]

Dash App - API documentation (Mac only)

Drupal Questions

Anybody used DisplaySuite?

— alternative to Panels (it’s faster, doesn’t have to load anything)
— kristof de jaeger video on DisplaySuite for Drupal 7

- uses Less
- can be customized

Foundation 5 is one alternative to Bootstrap
- foundation grids, mixins
- no assumptions about how you want it to look - unlike Bootstrap

Semantic Web/Microformats/Microdata in Drupal 8?
The Services module and JSON are in core
A couple of links to get you started:

Drupal Association

More ethical Drupal-branded clothing is possible!
Max talked to DA about this at DrupalCon and they want to know about USA-made alternatives.
Send Max any links/information about screen printers that use made in USA clothing.

Jennifer will be talking to DA about a grant for improving the group’s experience/stability and attracting more members.
— With that access, we will bring more contributors to Drupal!
— Broader base of contributors, commitment to host minimum of 2 sprints per year in Bellingham.