All the sprints at and around DrupalCon Amsterdam

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2014-09-27 09:00 - 2014-10-05 23:55 Europe/Amsterdam
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We have a great tradition of extended sprints around big Drupal events including DrupalCons and Drupal Dev Days. While there is a sprint day included in DrupalCons (usually) on Friday, given that a lot of the Drupal core and contrib developers fly in for these events, it makes a lot of sense to use this opportunity to start sooner and/or extend our stay and work together in one space on the harder problems.

DrupalCon Amsterdam is next up! DrupalCon and the Drupal Association continue to recognize the need for extended sprints as part of the schedule and are providing space on Monday, and helping organize space for the weekends before and after also! We are still looking for additional sponsors for the weekend sprints before/after to help with space, internet, coffee, tea and maybe food. There are already various sprints signed up including Multilingual,, Rules, Media, Content staging, Migration and Frontend. We are really friendly and need all kinds of expertise!

Now is the time to consider if you can be available and book your travel and hotel accordingly!

Practical details

Sept 27 to Oct 5 (all week at DrupalCon and weekends both before and after).
Times and locations
Day/Time Location
Sept 27-28, 9am to midnight both days Berlage workspace (city center), Oudebrugsteeg 9, Amsterdam
Sept 29-Oct 3, 9am to 6pm every day (only until 3:15pm on Thu), only open daytime Coder lounge in the venue. RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein 1078 GZ Amsterdam.
Friday Oct 3 is the biggest sprint day.
Sept 29 5pm to midnight; Sept 30 - Oct 2nd 6am to midnight (NOT open between midnight and 6pm) Coder lounge in Hotel Novotel Amsterday City, Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam.
Sept 29 - Oct 2nd midnight to 6am the next day (nighttime) Hotel Novotel Amsterday City Lobby (look for others), Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam.
Oct 4-5, 9am to midnight both days Berlage workspace (city center), Oudebrugsteeg 9, Amsterdam
Subscribe as calendar events
We even created a Google Calendar that you can subscribe to ( which contains all the sprint venue information at any point in time.


The Drupal Association (@DrupalAssoc), Acquia (@acquia) and (@open8roger).

Looking for sponsors

We are looking for more sponsors to be able to pay for extra expenses. If you are interested sponsoring or if you need sponsors to cover expenses, please contact me at

Frequently asked questions

What is a sprint?

Drupal sprints are opportunities to join existing teams and further Drupal the software, our processes, and so on.

Do I need to be a pro developer?

No, not at all. First of all sprints include groups working on user experience, designs, frontend guidelines, software setup, testing improvements, figuring out policies, etc. However you can be more productive at most sprints if you have a laptop.

How come there are 9 consecutive days of sprints?

DrupalCon is the time when most people in the Drupal community get together. We try to use this time to share our knowledge as well as further the platform in all possible ways. Therefore there is almost always an opportunity and a place to participate in moving Drupal forward.

What if I'm new to Drupal and/or sprinting, how can I join?

If you feel new and would love helping hands, the best day to start is the Friday sprint day. This is the biggest sprint day with hundreds of people sprinting and different opportunities based on experience level. For a guided introduction to the tools and processes we use to collaborate, go to the First Time Sprinter workshop in the morning. If you know the tools but still could use help picking issues and going through the process, the Mentored Core Sprint is for you.

I worked on Drupal before, which sprints are for me?

If you have experience with Drupal issues and maybe already know a team/topic, any days of a DrupalCon may be your sprint days, and even both weekends before and after. These sprints do not have formal mentoring available, but of course if you have questions, there are always plenty of friendly people to help you. The community organizes off-site sprint opportunities for the weekends before/after DrupalCon and the event itself provides sprint locations from Monday morning to Friday night throughout the week both in the event venue and in the official event hotel. These sprints are broken down to teams working on different topics. It is very important that you sign up for them, so we know what capacity to plan with.

Further questions?

Ask at, I am happy to answer.