why is my CAPTCHA not working?

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I got a lot of spam signups on my drupal setup. so I installed captcha, and verified myself that the signup page does include the image challenge.

but the next morning, I received a lot of signup emails again, and the "People" tab of admin page shows many new users blocked.

so the CAPTCHA is not working for these spammers, how did they get in?


There are lots of systems

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There are lots of systems that can crack CAPTCHAs automatically as well as human spammers as well. That's why several solutions integrate things like honeypot fields, client-side behavior analysis, and/or machine learning services in order to detect spam behavior. It's not a perfect science and is constantly evolving (on both sides).

I'm already convinced that

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I'm already convinced that the spam bots can read the CAPTCHA. In the same efficiency that humans do.
But I suggest you the use of CAPTCHA riddler: https://drupal.org/project/riddler. A little different approach. But I think that it still keeps the things simple and easy for users. I put the CAPTCHA Riddler in two sites of mine. One with the registration form open for anonymous users. And in the other, the comment form is open for them. And hitherto, nearly 6 months of the module's usage, none spams entered in both sites!
If you don't bother with the CAPTCHA Riddler approach, I strongly recommend you the module!