Snail speed membership growth

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Hello everyone, the membership of Drupal Nigeria Group is growing, no doubt, but its growth is likened to the movement of a snail, shot with a slow motion camera! What can we do to change this. From what i see, Drupal has become a movement in the Web Technology Business in the Western World. A lot of us in Naija, have become voodoo app developers, just because drupal is getting better and better by the day. But the more, the merrier. Its about time we started evangelising drupal with some more seriousness and vigure. Lets start hosting small meet ups, and free trainings for newbees. Lets start raising drupal prodigies around us, cause ultimatelly it will be for our overall collective good. As for me, its Drupal for life! If you know how we can chage this trend of slow membership growth, pls share. We can't remain 88 forever, in a country of 170 million. God bless you all.


I am open to this

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I am open to this. Hit me up for planing and execution of any such meetings in the lagos area.

training coming soon in ibadan

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I'm setting up a drupal site building training for newbies. I will hit you up when I start.