Access site variables via

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If you have reason (e.g. troubleshooting) to review and/or edit site variables, you can do this via a GUI interface (rather than drush vget/vset) using the devel module and then going to the following location on your site:

This will provide you with a clear list of all the variables and the ability to edit them via a simple text editor interface.

I found this easier (or at least more straight-forward) than using drush vset, especially when editing arrays.


I had forgotten about that part of devel

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I used to use that a lot and had since forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder/tip.

Drush 7

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Although it was a pain to install on shared hosting I'm enjoying playing with Drush 7 - required for working with Drupal 8. A recent article from Acquia pointed out that vset/vget has changed to a much more useful format.

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Add Alias' & auto-completion for Drush

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This article offers a nice overview of how to add alias' and auto-completion for drush:

The alias names offered in the article can be changed to suit your mnemonics if need be.