Drupalcorn Ridesharing

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Drupalcorn is just a few days and I know there are several of us going. Do we have any plans to share a car for the camp?

My car is in reasonably good condition, but it's tiny. It could certainly take one additional person and luggage. Three would be a sqeeze. I would be able to leave sometime Thursday afternoon and return sometime Sunday.


My ride

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I'm driving down on Thursday evening with Wilbur. I've got a mini-van and can take additional riders.
I'm inclined to drive, because I need to be back on Saturday evening/night. Willing to take passengers if they are also coming back on Saturday (late) or if they are able to ride back with someone else.

I will be at the Drupal JAM tonight to discuss details.

Tim Erickson

I'll have to sort out if I

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I'll have to sort out if I want to take you up on the offer or just drive down myself. I was planning on leaving late Thursday afternoon and driving back sometime Sunday. It might be a good idea for me to drive separately anyways since my hotel is no doubt different from yours.


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My plans are to leave after work tomorrow (Thursday). So around 4-5 or so. Probably won't get down there until 9-10 depending on traffic. I'll be leaving from Minnetonka, heading down 494 to 35, in all likelihood.

I was planning to head back Sunday after sprinting gets done. Not sure when that will be.

If you're interested in joining me either on the way down or the way back, Tess, I'll be driving a Prius. Good gas mileage!

Sounds perfect, Marc!

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Sounds perfect, Marc! Hopefully you won't mind picking me up from my hotel during the camp? It's about 17 minutes away.

Not a problem

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Sounds like Tim might be in your area tomorrow to give you a ride down.

Not a problem

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Sounds like Tim might be in your area tomorrow to give you a ride down.

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