Let's discuss incorporation at Twin Cities DrupalCamp

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You've probably noticed there's been some discussion about incorporation the Twin Cities Drupal User Group as a non-profit. Let's get together at DrupalCamp and try to bring the discussion to closure.

Some things to discuss:

  • What are the reasons for incorporating?
  • How do we incorporate? What about annual renewals and tax statements?
  • How would the corporation function? How would our corporation work with the Drupal Association?

If you're at all interested in this discussion, please come. I'll set up a time and place, possibly during lunch on Friday or Saturday.



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After our talk on the call, I agree that a lunch would work great. I definitely want to be part of this discussion.

David Needham
Agency & Community Training Manager at Pantheon

My thoughts

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Ben, Barry and I talked about this last week at Happy Hour.

I proposed the following:

1) That we post a proposal on groups.drupal.org prior to Drupal camp for discussion. Ben has done most (if not all) of the work necessary. In my opinion, it seems like we have a concrete DRAFT proposal ready to go.

2) That Drupal Camp would be an opportunity for us to discuss this amongst ourselves and get input from folks that are not normally active in the local group. We could have an information discussion about this as part of the "uncoference" in the Awesome room. We could get together for lunch. We can chat about it during the social events. We can do all of the above.

I don't think that we should try to make any decisions AT Drupal Camp. I don't think that there will be any one time at Drupal Camp where everyone interested in this topic will be able to sit down together. I believe that the more conversation about this topic at Drupal Camp the better.

3) I recommend that our next Twin Cities Drupal Coordinating Committee - (either specially scheduled in August or in September) we sit down and make a decision about whether or not to proceed in that direction. By that time, everyone should have had time to look at a very specific proposal, ask questions, and offer comments/suggestions.

In my opinion, it's fine to make time during Drupal Camp for this discussion. But, we should be clear that it's only a discussion and the decision will not be made until after Drupal Camp when we can all sit down and reflect and think clearly.

Does this make sense?

Tim Erickson

Tim Erickson

Agenda Item for Monthly Coordinating Committee?

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We could talk about the issue of forming a non-profit at our next coordinating committee meeting, NEXT WEEK. But, to have a productive discussion/decision, I think it would be helpful to have a specific proposal posted here in advance of the meeting in time for people to comment on it - PRIOR to the meeting.

We will have limited time at the meeting to discuss and debate this issue. If we do not get a specific proposal in advance of the quarterly coordinating committee meeting, we could introduce the topic and then postpone a decision for our next meeting in December (unless we schedule a special meeting for the purposes of making a decision on this proposal).

Any comments or suggestions?

Tim Erickson

Twin Cities

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