July TC Drupal meetup (TONIGHT!): Vagrant

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2014-07-23 19:00 - 21:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

Join us TONIGHT for the July 2014 TC Drupal meetup on Wednesday July 23rd from 7-9PM at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.

I bet you thought we’d be all wrapped up in summer and forget about the meetup, didn’t ya? Well we didn’t. It’s happening tonight! So if you made other plans, break ‘em and join us.

Topic? At last month’s meetup, Tess (socketwench) mentioned the open source virtual development environment software Vagrant and how useful it can be to set up flexible, accurate development environments for working on Drupal sites (and code) development locally. She agreed (to much fanfare) to show us Vagrant and how to get it up and running. This will be our presentation topic tonight.

As usual, we’ll also be conducting Community Lab Hours from 5-7, also at Intermedia. Bring a problem, share something you've discovered, work on a site, help someone through an issue, learn something new at Lab.

Community Lab Hours 5-7PM

Don't forget we're holding Community Lab Hours from 5-7PM right before the meetup in the same location. Come work on Drupal, get some help with your questions, share your ideas, get some stuff done!

Vagrant virtual development environments 7PM

Need to work on Drupal locally on your computer? Vagrant is a powerful alternative to M/W/AMP or Acquia Dev Desktop. It can emulate server and computer system environments which will help you “real world” test your sites locally and other stuff as well Come and learn all about Vagrant from Tess Flynn.

The refreshment

You're encouraged to bring along beverages to share. Pizza will be provided by Advantage Labs.

Wednesday July 23rd 7-9PM
Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408


Looking forward to this

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I've been hearing more and more about Vagrant and feeling like it is something I need to experiment with before I fully understand exactly how it will be useful to me.

I went to a session at Drupal Corn on Vagrant and have some idea about how it works - but I still feel like I won't fully appreciate it until I've installed it on my laptop and tried it out.

I'm hoping that we'll be to work together tonight to actually try out Vagrant and get it working. Not sure if that will happen or not, but I think it would be great if it does!

Vagrant seems like a very "advanced" topic, but I"m told that it might be useful for many of us - once we understand how it works and how to make use of it.

I'm really looking forward to this session.

Tim Erickson

Sadly, I can't make tonight's

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Sadly, I can't make tonight's meetup, so if there's a video or slide deck available after the fact, please share!

Also, is there really no calendar view here on G.D.O for a group's events? I poked around just the other day to see if there was a meeting scheduled for this month, and found nothing other than the "Group events" in the sidebar, which at the time only listed TC Drupal Camp. Even if the entry for tonight's meeting had been created until today, it would have been nice to look at something more calendar-like to confirm what was in or not in the schedule. It's not obvious whether the "Group events" list should be taken as comprehensive or not.

Good suggestion Dale.

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Good suggestion Dale. Unfortunately there's no recurring event setup here on GDO, so it doesn't show up till a full event is created, which sometimes happens kind of late. We should come up with a bit better way of handling this. As the person running the event tonight, I've gone ahead and created a placeholder for next month as well. I'll solicit topics tonight and update the event when we have one picked, or no pizza! :)

I'm not sure we can get set up for recording in time, but that's something to consider for future meetups.

Twin Cities

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