Effect of Memcached module

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Hi All

I want to install memcached module in my drupal 6 site.

My website is live since last 5 year.
If I install the memcache module in live site then is it possibility to crash or error occurred website.

My site is very slow so I'm trying to install memcached module.



May be the below link will

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May be the below link will help you


when u need memcache that is important

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Hey Mayur,

As much as I got from your comment is .... You want to improve speed of your site.

But it's not like that you implement memcache and it will boost up like rocket.

There are several things you should check.
1. Are those code problems causing this delay?
2. Check you hosting with basic Drupal installation and feature first.
3. Memcache should be used when hits to site are higher and site content update ration is very lower.
4. Also memcache is difficult to be available on shared servers if you are using shared server.

So what I suggest if first analyses the requirement and then go for it.
You may find many helpful videos and tutorials to install and configure it but most essential question is do you really require it.


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In Website, there is number of user visit the same page and page contain flash. so it takes time to load.


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