Ride Share / Room Share Opportunities for Twin Cities Drupal Camp

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If you are looking for a ride to Twin Cities Drupal Camp or have a room that you might be willing to share to a fellow Drupalista, please feel free to post a note here. No one should miss camp because they couldn't get a ride from Wisconsin or didn't have a place to stay.


Sunday room share

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I could use a place to stay Sunday. I have the rest all figured out but the person I'm sharing with won't be there Sunday night.

If you're still needing a room

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I have a spare room with sofabed available. It's in St. Paul but I'm happy to provide transportation to the house and back/forth from the sprints on Sunday (if you're participating).

Barry Madore
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN


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Thanks but I'm all set. :)

Room for two people +

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My fiance is gone for DrupalCamp weekend (coincidence?). We have spare bedroom with a full size bed so room for two familiar travelers, or one very comfy visitor. I also have a couch available. If that is not enough, I also have an inflatable bed for a floor visitor.

Our place it one bus ride to the conference, about 3 miles away. I do have a few bikes here if you are adventurous.

I have just one stipulation, that you sign up at http://couchsurfing.com give me good ratings!

Contact me directly to make arrangements.


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Already answered your email but will answer here as well. Thanks very much! This helps a ton!

I'm Booked Up

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I'm fully booked for the Camp, thanks.

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