August Happy Hour (rescheduled!)

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2014-08-14 17:30 America/Menominee
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User group meeting

Our regularly scheduled Drupal Happy Hour is being moved to August 14th - see you at TC DrupalCamp instead. We're moving our monthly happy hour from the first Thursday to the second Thursday this month.

Blue Nile
2027 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

We meet monthly for Drupal Happy Hour. This event is all social, show up, don't sign up.

If you are new, this event is for you - Come on out and meet the regulars!


Thanks Wilbur!

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Thanks Wilbur!

David Needham
Agency & Community Training Manager at Pantheon

See you all there!

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Looking forward to it. :)

I'm up for informal chatting about camp as well - what went well, what didn't etc. Newcomers and people who weren't on the organizing team - your insights and reactions would be especially helpful! I think there will be a formal planning committee debrief sometime in the next week as well. (right?)

But, to paraphrase one of Tim's sentiments from another post - I'm looking forward to having a nice evening with good people and not spending TOO much time talking camp.

It's a no stress event!

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I encourage everyone to come out tomorrow night! My promise to you - there will be no organizing, lists, tasks, accounting, or emails send during happy hour. Just come hang out. The weather will be lovely, and we will gather on the patio.

To be clear, you don't have to talk about camp with me

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I am a well-rounded person, and I have a number of other passions: veggie gardening (heirloom tomatoes), native wildflowers, backpacking, cats, dogs, old movies, science fiction, electric car technology, cooking, economics…

If you end up talking Drupal camp with me, that's your own darn fault.

See you Thursday. :)

I've had my two days

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Just to be clear, I've had my two day break.

I'm up for talking about Drupal Camp, Juggling, My Favorite TV Shows, or Electric Car Technology.

However, please no more talk about beans and toast!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Tim Erickson

Forgot one

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I think you left "dog walking" off of your list.

David Needham
Agency & Community Training Manager at Pantheon


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Yup, I forgot dog walking. Good catch!

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