iLagos: A New Live Project! Feedback Needed From You Guys

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Hi guys,

I just launched a new Drupal-based web platform, iLagos ( and I need technically savvy testers and early adopters like you (most especially Drupal and web experts) who would give me serious feedback.

As a token, I will give you a privileged access to have you business or place of interest get listed on the platform free as long as it meets the requirements (i.e. it's Lagos based). (Its still in beta version and listing slots are limited and strictly controlled for now).

Please see the attached screenshots.

If you need further details, please see the following:

Waiting to hear from you geeky guys.



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Hi Tony. Congratulations on the lunch of the beta version of iLagos. Its a very promising project no doubt, but i think you are going to need a lot of marketing and advertising. The overall UI design is impressive....though i would suggest you remove the layer of iLagos description on top of the map. It creates a sluggish presentation. I will await the addition of more functionality for a proper tech review.
Well Done.

Thanks For The Commendations And Advice

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I was very much aware of the marketing and advertising requirements from the start, but I had to get the project out of my head soon enough or I will never do it.

The truth is I don't have the budget for the kind of promotion necessary without some kind of partnership or sponsorship. Although I have sought for partnership or sponsorship arrangements with some people but no positive response yet.

So while I wait for some kind of outside help, my current plan is to build up its functionality gradually and try to drive adoption organically, supported with minimal paid promotions. I know it's possible, it will only take longer.

I totally agree with your suggestions about the home page. I will find a way of cleaning it up and make it nicer.

Thanks for the commendations and advice.


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which web host supports drupal 7 in nigeria