Global Drupal Training Day - 30th Aug, 6th Sep and 13th Sep

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2014-08-30 10:00 - 2014-09-06 17:00 Asia/Kolkata
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Training (free or commercial)

Drupal Global Training Day - Aug-30th, Sept 6th and Sept 13th

Event Details

On popular demand from Drupal Mumbai community, this Global Drupal Training Day, we will deliver free of cost Drupal training on following

  • Beginners Session - For those who have just started or wish to learn Drupal
  • Advanced Session - For those who already know Drupal concepts but looking for advanced trainings
  • Drupal 8 Session - For those who wish to learn about Drupal 8

Beginners Session - 6th Sep

● 6th Sep - Blisstering Solutions will be conducting Beginners Drupal Training Session at its Mumbai Office.Learn more and Register


  1. Introduction to CMS
  2. Drupal: Its Origin, History, Current State and Future
  3. Introduction to Drupal : Technical overview
  4. Drupal terminology (e.g. Nodes, Blocks, Modules, Terms, Taxonomy, Users, Comments, Entities, Fields)
  5. Inside of Drupal (walkthrough an existing Drupal site)
  6. Drupal SDLC: How Drupal projects are approached.
  7. Building a functional Drupal site in an hour. (show how easy it is to build and develop using Drupal),
  8. Extending Drupal
  9. Drupal Community

Advanced Session - 13th Sep

● 13th Sep - Tata Consultancy Services, will be conducting Advanced Drupal Training at its Powai Campus. Learn more and Register


  1. Extend Drupal - Hooks
  2. See the basic Drupal hooks in Action
  3. , learn to navigate and use drupal API documentation
  4. Understand how to use any hooks - Default and Custom
  5. Learn How to write your own hooks
  6. Practical Session, Build a custom Module using the above concepts
  7. Views 3.x , learn anything and everything about Drupal views

Drupal 8 Session - 30th Aug

● 30th Aug - Axelerant will be conducting Drupal Training session on “Get Started with Drupal 8”, via Hangout on Air. learn more and Register

Drupal 8 beginners session.

For any queries or details please comment or write to

Rachit Gupta
-on Behalf of Drupal mumbai

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Is this Training session happening in Chennai any time? ...

Hi Jyothi, all these

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Hi Jyothi, all these trainings will be bradcated via hangout on Air / Webex. Feel free to join.

Hello Mr.RachitGuptha

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I am interested in joining the advanced training sessions of Drupal and Is there any links or any registrations to join in the broadcasting sessions.


Advance Training

Also i have updated the Event

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Also i have updated the Event , Please see all sessions and corresponding registration details.


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