Glift for Drupal

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Hi everyone,
I'm planning to write a module to integrate the wonderful software Glift ( into Drupal. Glift is a Javascript viewer for SGF files, a format commonly used to store game records for the game of Go (

I did a detailed check and found no trace of any plan to integrate Glift into Drupal yet. There is however a wordpress module already doing this.

I have created an empty sandbox here: to serves as home for development.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or want to contribute with ideas or coding.

Best regards,


seems no similar module exists

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I would be nice to see this module in drupal.As I found that there is not already existing module that provides the integeration.
+1 for this idea and regarding the duplication.I would also interested to co develop this module if you are interested and to create a stable release ASAP by joining the efforts.