CommentPress for Drupal

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I'm interested in annotation modules in general put particularly about having a CommentPress style module that allows for threaded comments on each paragraph for any specified content type.

I already have a project started for Drupal 7, and doesn't include threaded discussions.


Never_Logged_In module

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Hi, long time user of Drupal, but first time module contributor so I'd like some assistance in getting a module that I have developed onto

The module basically deletes user accounts that have not logged in after a specified period of time.

The idea can from a number of clients who allow users to create an account without approval. They end up with hundreds on SPAM accounts that just sit there and are never activated or used. I'ts a PITA to then monitor and purge these accounts on a regular basis.

The Never_Logged_In module checks for these accounts every cron and if found to be a certain (specified) age will delete them automatically.

Apologies if there s a module that already does this. I did research and looked but never found one, thus spending today developing this module that I think will help a lot of people.

Sooo, I'm looking for someone to guide me through the process of evaluating the module to see if it's worth of status.



Inactive user module is there

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Hi Stephen,
There is already a module which do same kind of functionality. Please check inactive user module.

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