Abuja Meetup!

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Hello Guys,

We have all done great to be part of the Nigeria group, but local meetup and community meeting has been the great model for achieving stuffs and sharpening skills.

Am shouting out to all the Abuja, residents in this group (if there are any), respond to this discussion if you are interesting in having an Abuja meetup. There will be drinks and fun.

Share your tots...

See ya.


That will be awesome. I will

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That will be awesome. I will love to meet the Abuja community. Please plan and lets know where its going to happen.


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Am so delighted to see that you are interested. I will wait until I see at least five people excluding myself before i pay for a meeting venue and make other necessary arrangements.

So until then, keep a tap on this thread and reach out to your friends who could join this meetup. Also post any interest or expectations if you have them to help make the meetup more meaningful.


I am inrested too

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Guys I am highly interested too

Kudos to you guys

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Big kudos to all you Abuja Drupalers! You have had your first meet up, the most difficult part of organizing community groups.
Hope you will quickly consolidate and drive the group.
There is no stopping you now. Go for it!
Drupal love!

Hallo Everyone

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Just a fine line to greet all Abuja Drupalers

Did we ever have this meetup?


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Hi everyone,

I just the drupal community in Abuja and will be interested in any meetup or event that may be upcoming.

Best regards,

Nasir Usman