DrupalCon in a Polytechnic

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Hello Guys,

Sorry i have been outta touch for a while, HND 1 students of Computer Science study Drupal as a course in my school (Ogun State Institute of Technology.. Formerly Gateway Poly Igbesa). I spoke to my HOD on the possibility of the school sponsoring a DrupalCon, thereby giving the students an opportunity to meet Experts and also give the ND students an opportunity to learn drupal aside offering it as a course and amazingly she agreed, so i told her i ll relate it to the panel of gurus.

P.S: Pls replies are needed urgently cos the program should hold within 2nd semester.


Great Idea

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Hi trojcity,

This is a great idea, I commend your effort.
However, you need to be more specific on what you plan to achieve, so that people would know how exactly they can contribute. For Example, DrupalCon Bogotá just ended and the next is Los Angeles. Sponsoring such can be done through their respective pages. If, your are looking at DrupalCon Nigeria, we are yet to have one; so if you are looking at bringing Dries to Nigeria, this would be fantastic. But a process is required and not an easy one. If you also want a Nigeria specific DrupalCon ie not involving the drupal global community; that's an option also.

Share more on what you have in mind.

Great effort bro !

DrupalCon in Niegeria

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That will be great idea, keep me posted

Good Idea

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That is a good and brilliant idea, just keep the group informed and early enough.

Nice idea. Will love to help

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Nice idea. Will love to help as much as I can. I can't promise that this 'help' will be much due to my rather busy schedule. Hopefully, it will be meaningful.

My contact: 07039133733 | 2BD1A2E2

First Step taken!!

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Thanks all for showing interest!!.

@Chika: The objectives of the event are
1. Introduce drupal to some students, also move the drupal users among them from the beginner level to intermediary level.
2. Networking and also growing the Nigerian Drupal community.

If DrupalCon would be kinda hard, we can organize a DrupalCamp like the one that was held at CCHub, it was amazing!!.

Since Location is out of it and part of the sponsorship will be coming from the school, i think the first step will be to consult the old hands that held the gathering. Pls offer insights on how the first one was held, or even please help organize it.

Hope to hear from the group organizers.

Here's my contact

Brilliant Idea! And My Own Position

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Hi trojcity,

First, I must commend you for coming up with this idea. And also for the practical moves you've already made towards realizing it. Its simply excellent.

Second, DrupalCon is a MAJOR global event, entirely handled by the Drupal Association. It requires enormous resources to pull off. This is clearly outside of our capacity here in Nigeria right now. So a DrupalCon if out of the question.

However, a DrupalCamp is entirely possible. Last year, a few Drupal practitioners here in Lagos had toyed with the idea of a DrupalCamp Lagos, but it was not to be. Everyone seemed to be just too busy.

I hailed your idea as excellent because you have actually offered concrete solutions to some difficult issues that would normally kill off most Drupal meet-up ideas.

      1. You have given the Camp a defined purpose: (i) Introduce drupal to some students, also move the drupal users among them from the beginner level to intermediary level. (ii) Networking and also growing the Nigerian Drupal community.
      2. You've also named a definite venue: Your school
      3. You also have a sponsor for the Camp.

    This is just brilliant!

    Third and finally, my position on your excellent idea. I am putting myself forward in realizing this in the following ways:

        1. I volunteer to be the keynote speaker at the event, if its agreed by all.
        2. I also volunteer to deliver key lectures on various aspects of Drupal that would be of interest to the students and other attendees. This, of course, will be coordinated with other volunteers to determine areas of responsibilities.
        3. I will also help reach out to other Drupal experts within my contact to try and get them on board. While I can vouch only for my own commitment to my promises, I can't speak for others. I can only let them know what is going down.
        4. I am ready to offer advice or suggestions any time you need it.

      Since this is your idea, and you are the only guy on the ground right now, the next move is yours. Choose a date, make all the necessary arrangements on the ground and feed us back. We will see where anyone else will play a part. Lets get things started.

      You may get across to me any time and we will talk things over and see where we go from there.

      My contacts: 08025988377 and tony@icelark.com

      I want this to happen. I know that if it succeeds it is going to lead to a whole lot more positive developments for all in the future.



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      this a brilliant move @trojcity. i will like to be there.