AsciiDoc tool chain integration with Drupal

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Not being a DITA expert, I'm not sure if the AsciiDoc tool chain can be used for DITA per se, but it is useful for technical documentation in general. So it may be of interest to some people in this group that I have created a "sandbox" module on that does some AsciiDoc integration with Drupal.

Current functionality:
- It assumes the AsciiDoc source would be stored in .txt files (so they can be put into standard revision control, such as Git). This could fairly easily be modified so that the AsciiDoc source is stored in the Drupal database, but for my earlier purpose, a Git repository made more sense for various reasons.
- There are scripts included that take the .txt files and make various output via the AsciiDoc -> DocBook -> (whatever) tool chain. I've only tested these scripts on Linux and used them to make HTML and PDF output. I have plans to make them into standard Makefile format instead of being shell scripts.
- There are specific DocBook style files and Drupal module code that lets you display HTML output of the AsciiDoc tool chain within a Drupal site, with section navigation.
- If enabled, the module also lets you edit the source files in place within the Drupal site, using an editor with basic output preview capability. The output of editing is currently set up to be a patch file (for filing with an issue); another possibility would be to save the resulting text file to the disc, or to the Drupal database.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, the project is here:


AsciiDoc resources

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JFTR, some links to useful resources regarding AsciiDoc:

See also project README

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The README.txt file in my Asciidoc sandbox project also has some information on the toolchain.