Suggestion: Put DITA in titles

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When you create a Wiki page, Discussion, etc. in this group, please put DITA in the title. Thanks!

- SEO (search engine optimization) so people will get these pages if they search for DITA Drupal or something like that on or Google or whatever.
- Understanding what is in search results - most search results pages show titles and maybe a short excerpt, so having a meaningful title like "Useful modules for DITA" as opposed to just "Useful modules" is important.
- Many people receive daily digest notifications on These just give you the title and node ID URL of the pages that have been updated/created/commented on. They don't give you the context of what group(s) the pages have been posted on (although I have requested that feature in the past). So if I see a post titled "Useful modules" I have no idea if it's useful modules for Search (another group I'm in), some general Useful Modules post in a geographical group, or something about DITA, or what.

Just a suggestion... thanks!


Thanka for this suggestion

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for this great suggestion and for amending the already existing wiki pages :-)