Drupal Dev's in Hawaii

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I see there hasn't been any posts here in a while. I was wondering if there are any Drupal Dev's on Oahu or any other island that how would be interested in doing a Drupal meetup?


Definitely. I'm on Big Island

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Definitely. I'm on Big Island but travel to Oahu for work. I did attend a successful DrupalCamp about 3-4 years ago. Would love to see it happen again

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Same here. I'm up for helping

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Same here. I'm up for helping to organize another camp as well.

+1 From Maui

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Count in another from Maui. I'm happy to travel to Oahu, play host, help organize meetup, camp, whatever.

Maui Drupal

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I'm teaching a course in Drupal at UHMC this coming semester, starting 14-January. I'd be interested in talking and maybe collaborating. Do you have similar interest?

John Helly / 760.840.8660

Hey, good to see everyone in

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Hey, good to see everyone in here talking. It has been a while. Let's make this happen!

I've helped organize NYC Camp

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I've helped organize NYC Camp in New York for the last few years, so have a fair amount of experience organizing camps.

Right now much of the calendar year is pretty busy with camps, see:


However, nobody tends to host conferences in Dec or Jan b/c it's a busy time of year and the weather is pretty rough lots of places. However, Dec or more likely Jan could be a good time to host an event in Oahu, with the benefit of attracting lots of attendees and sprinters. Particularly if we timed it close to SANDCamp. Planning a few months out like that would allow us to build some good momentum too.

We could potentially event alternate locations between Maui and Oahu (the way that Drupal South does between New Zealand and Australia). I'm usually in Haleʻiwa, but would be open to traveling too.

willyk, I like your ideas. I

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willyk, I like your ideas. I would love to see another Drupal Camp out here. Let's host a meet and great to get things started.

Meet and Greet

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I am down for a meet and greet. I am also willing to travel between islands.

I am currently located on Oahu in Haleʻiwa but I run the Drupal department for a company out of Washington D.C. who would be willing to sponsor an event.

As for the meet and greet is there a location and time that would work for planning?

Brad Carlsen
Haleʻiwa HI 96712

I might suggest The Box

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I might suggest The Box Jelly.
Looks like we could rent a bigger room hourly at $125 / hr


A possible room:

The DrupalCamp I attended took place at the ING Direct / Capital One cafe, but that has shut down.

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I've worked with a few

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I've worked with a few clients in Hawaii, we might be able to find a free or discounted space through them. We could also try to find a space a one of the local school/university campuses.

For the meet and greet, it

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For the meet and greet, it seems like two of you are in Hale'iwa. I work out of ewa or Kaneohe it just depends on the day. Most days I rather drive to the north shore than in town. If we have it up there, I am available early mornings or evenings. There is a nice coffee shop with plenty of seating that may work (Coffee Gallery). If it is in town, I would suggest Ward area. There is a coffee shop called fresh cafe.

When I use to hold meetups in town, we normally had at least 8 people show up even if it was just over coffee. The majority of our meetings were at the Capitol One Cafe, but as Mike said they are closed now.

If we can find the right location, it would be nice to start monthly meetups prior to a Drupal Camp. It would help build the community.

I do not mind traveling to

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I do not mind traveling to town for a meeting. I work remote so my schedule is flexible.

Is there some time in the next week or so that we should schedule a small meetup? Depending on the location we could see about adding a Hangout for remote people to join?

Brad Carlsen
Haleʻiwa HI 96712

Giving you access to DrupalHawaii

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Hi all, the list of people who came to the last DrupalCamp is in DrupalHawaii.com and @mikedotexe is an admin - do let me know if you want to be the admin for that presence!!

Interested in the intersection of justice, social entrepreneurship, and technology. Keep in touch @monicadear

thanks Monica. I was about to

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thanks Monica. I was about to reach out.
Last camp was a great success, this is very helpful. Mahalos

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Last year attendee checking

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Last Drupal Camp HI attendee checking in!

Happy to help out in any way I can..

ig: @thejaspher
tw: @jaspher

Great to see everybody

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Great to see everybody turning out on the thread. Given that people seem to be a bit spread out, I'd suggest that we setup a conference call or a hangout to connect and brainstorm. On camps I've helped with we usually do that monthly in the early phases, and then start meeting every two weeks and then weekly once we get closer to the camp. If we were to target Dec or Jan, that'd likely mean meeting monthly from Apr to July or Aug, and then every two weeks or weekly until the camp (most meetings could be remote/online if people are cool with that, it's worked well on other camps).

if the team wants to use them, I also have copies of many of the templates docs needed to plan a camp ... e.g., volunteer lists, planning docs, budgets, etc

I recall that the last camp was a success, so great props to Monica & Mike on that. Nice to see that the prior site is still up (the content and user data will be helpful). I'm just in the final stages of helping build the new NYC Camp site which should launch in the next day or two, so that would provide use with a great code base to config to work from (it's setup to be re-used as a distro-like template that other camps can re-use).

Also sweet that you still have the .com, we should likely register the .net and .org since most camps use the .org. I can do that if people want?

I like the ideas. Evenings

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I like the ideas. Evenings are a good time for me to meet.

I also like the suitable, reusable codebase. I am using the Conference Organizing Distro for a current project but that's overkill for a Drupal Camp.

If you're offering to purchase the .net and .org, I'm all for it :)

@mikedotexe on Twitter

Hey, I grew up on the Big

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Hey, I grew up on the Big Island, but now I Drupal in Seattle. I'm one of the organizers for the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit (in October).

I'm interested in helping, attending, and speaking. Also interested in connecting with local Drupalers and hearing about the scene back home.

Possibly in Hawaii in December.

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Hi, everyone. I'm one of the possible DrupalSouth 2016 organisers and might be in Hawaii in the 1st or 2nd week of December. I'm keen to help out to get the event going!

Maui Here. I would be

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Maui Here. I would be interested in helping.

A little late to reply but count me in (Honolulu)

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Hi guys, I think several of us have met before. Nice to see your names again. Anyway I'm traveling (on vacation) so won't get much computer time for the next 10 days. But I wanted to +1 this post and subscribe to future comments. In short, you can count me in for the meetup! I'm pretty flexible when it comes to time and location.

New to Drupal

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Aloha, gang! I am fairly new to Drupal and would like to join in on any meetups in the future. I work at UH and am free most any evenings and weekends.


Great to see everyone chiming

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Great to see everyone chiming in. Would anyone like to get together this week/weekend. How about a meet and greet downtown or Ward area around 5/5:30pm tomorrow?

Sounds great but I won't be

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Sounds great but I won't be done from work until 7 pm. I won't be free on Fridays until May 15.


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I am going to try to make. I am coming from the North Shore so it's all dependent on traffic.

Brad Carlsen
Haleʻiwa HI 96712


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Also where should we meet?

Brad Carlsen
Haleʻiwa HI 96712

Something came up... Is

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Something came up... Is anyone available over the weekend or next week?

Rallying all Oahu Drupalers

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Hey gang, rickyd1 and I are near Chinatown and want to get a meetup going soon. This weekend (5/23-24) is bad for rickyd1, but all other evenings work.

There are big tables inside Fresh Cafe (the one in Chinatown) at:
1111 Nu'uanu Ave

Let's join heads!

@mikedotexe on Twitter


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I have this weekend and evenings free. Did you have a day in mind?

Brad Carlsen
Haleʻiwa HI 96712

I'm in town

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I'm in town until Sunday, then flying to Hilo. If anyone is available for coffee, I'd be happy to say hi and make a connection. I mentioned above, I'm in Seattle and working on a Drupal Summit there.

I have time this weekend what

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I have time this weekend what part of the island are you on?

Brad Carlsen
Haleʻiwa HI 96712

Right near Chinatown, around

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Right near Chinatown, around 1000 Bishop St.

@mikedotexe on Twitter

Lunch tomorrow 11:30 am

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mortana2k, rickyd1 and myself are going to meet in front of Starbucks at 1000 Bishop St tomorrow (5/22) at 11:30 am.

Maybe we'll walk to grab lunch and discuss some preliminaries. Hope others can make it!

I'm sure there will be more meetings, but it'll be great to get the ball rolling. I would love to see another Drupal camp in HI

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Hey I am going to be in Hawaii in a couple of weeks time, Oahu from 26 june and Maui from around 3rd july, if there are any groups happening then please let me know.

If there is a camp coming up we would be happy to sponsor and get you some free hosting on Pantheon.