Please help solve my drupal installation issues

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Hi guys,
Please I'm a complete newbie in the realm of programmer, so I chose to do web programming. Following my practice session, I decided to test my first drupal website. But my problem is in completing the configuration. At the end of my configuration I receive "Fatal error: Call to undefined function field_attach_load()..." on my screen. I've browsed through a number of solutions on the forum but honestly, I don't quite understand some of the procedures. Please help me fix this issue and kindly break it down so I can understand. Thank you in anticipation.


Could Be Caused By A Lot Of Thing

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Its not a common issue, but it could be caused by so many things that I can't afford to mention them all. But you may try these two things.

1) Try to install the site afresh.

2) Check the php version you are using. If it's php 5.2.x or lower, try upgrading to php 5.3 or above.

Try these first to see if they solve your issue.

Hello togbonna, I've tried to

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Hello togbonna,

I've tried to reinstall several times but still can't proceed.

On XAMPP distribution, the version of php I'm seeing is 'PHP Version 5.6.3',

Hi, the field_attach_load

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Hi, the field_attach_load function is defined in one od oof the files of the Field module. Ensure that the module is enabled in your installation else its files and functions will not be found. Cheers.

Hell kay_t, To be honest, I

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Hell kay_t,

To be honest, I don't where to locate the files of the field module or how to know if the field_attach_load function is defined.

Please can you make it more simpler fro me to understand? Thank you

your question isnt comprehensive

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there are lot of things that could have caused that issue,
please clearly explain your questions, you can provide a step by step instructions on what you have done to tackle this problem.
provide the stage of development the problem is occuring, is it after the main set configuration or when you are moving your site to the live server, clearly explain please so that we can help you.
there are passionate people here willing to help

Hello dapseen, The problem is

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Hello dapseen,
The problem is after the main set configuration...

Below is a step-by-step guide of what I did:

  • Downloaded drupal-7.35
  • Installed XAMPP distribution (XAMPP stands for Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Python)
  • Entered phpmyadmin and created a database,
    then proceeded to unzip (decompress) the drupal7.35 zip folder, then copied and pasted it in htdocs directory of the XAMPP folder. Renamed it drupal7
  • Opened my browser and typed localhost/drupal7. It took me to the drupal configurations page and I filled in the details.
  • THE PROBLEM: When I click Save and Continue, I see - Fatal error: Call to undefined function field_attach_load() in C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal7\includes\ on line 316.

I can’t proceed from there.

I hope you understand my explanation. Thanks

I got it now

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Seriously I'm not a xamp fan, I deal with wamp server. Have you been able to contact hiix for help. If not try download wamp server and install it.

I can walk you through the installation process

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I can walk you through the installation process with remote assistance. Let me know when you are ready.

Hello hiiiix, I'm online,

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Hello hiiiix,

I'm online, please can you now help me through the installation process? Thank you.

Re: Installation

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Acquia Dev Desktop 2

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Acquia Dev Desktop 2 allows you to install, test, and build Drupal sites locally on your Mac or Windows PC and optionally host it later. Get it here:

Another way is to

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I'm all for Acquia Dev Desktop and *AMP stack but if you have your heart set on XAMPP, you could try the following...

  1. Deleting mysql database in PHPMyAdmin. (NOTE: You WILL lose everything in the current database.) drop database drupal7x;
  2. Recreate the mysql database using utf8_general_ci. create database drupal7xdev;
  3. Run install.php.