Tech comm, elearning and DITA

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I'm interested in Drupal, DITA and elearning. And in building a Drupal Learning Content Component Management System (LCCMS). Structured authoring is a great fit for elearning as well as tech comm. There is also a DITA standard for elearning. Much of the functionality for Drupal DITA tech comm CMS would be directly applicable to elearning, like single source authoring, content re-use, multi-channel publishing.

One key difference is that elearning relies much more heavily on interactivity and rich media elements.

I believe there's a business opportunity for an open source, Drupal LCCMS to compete with the key proprietary players: Xyleme, Kenexa and Exact.

To be clear, I'm not talking about a Learning Management System (LMS). There are already several Drupal LMS initiatives: Opigno, ELMSLN, Adrenna, Ethos. A Drupal LCCMS would work with any LMS (and Learning Record Store-LRS) through SCORM and xAPI to deliver content authored and published from the LCCMS.

I have a small elearning company and need the LCCMS to grow my business. I'm currently experimenting with the content assembly and authoring components of the LCCMS, and on building configurable HTML5 learning interactions.


DITA for learning and training content

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Hi Taylor,

Thanks for your contribution. I've been into Moodle for some time but admittedly haven't had a closer look at the DITA Learning and Training Content Specialization yet. However, there has been some action around this topic lately. Here are some links for those who want to delve a bit deeper into connecting DITA, Drupal and e-learning:

LMS request in DITA user group

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There's a current request for help with a DITA-based LMS in the Yahoo! DITA user group:

"LMS System Guidance?"