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After feeling inspired by the sprints at DrupalCon LA, and following on from the thoughts of mixing up the group activities, would anyone be interested in attending regular sprints in Bristol? Maybe one Saturday or a weekend a month?

I'd certainly be willing to provide some mentoring for new contributors, as well as helping out if anyone wants to do any work on Drupal.org itself or the conference organising distribution.

If people are interested, would any companies be willing to give us some space or provide lunch etc?


Definitely. I'd love to do

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Definitely. I'd love to do some stuff with D8 and show anything I've learned so far!

Sounds good! :)

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Sounds good! :)

I would be interested

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I would be interested but not sure I could commit to once a month, the next couple of months are also a bit of a struggle (three confs/camps).

Yes, the next couple of

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Yes, the next couple of months are going to be quite busy. I was thinking that this would/could start after the Bristol Camp in July, so maybe August depending on when in the month we decide on doing it?

I think that if we could get at least a few people attending each sprint, that would be fine, although more would be great obviously! :)

My theory is that at long as something is running regularly and consistently, even if small at first, it will grow.