Hire a team of students, led by a senior developer from Acquia, to build your project

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This is a rare opportunity to get a well architected drupal website built at a reasonable cost, and sponsor a classroom of adults working to better their careers at the same time. What's not to love?

DebugAcademy.com 's upcoming in-person Drupal development class is full and seeking projects for the students to build over the 3 month course. All projects are led by myself, a senior developer at Acquia, and will adhere to rigorous quality standards.

Preference is given to paid projects, and students' tuition will be discounted accordingly. How often do you get to do a good deed while very directly addressing your business' needs?

An additional unique benefit of hiring our class is that when the class is over, you'll be in a great position to hire some of the graduates.

Non-technical project requirements:
- project needs a custom design to be implemented (your designer or our designer can provide this)
- project requires more than 1 type of content (ie not only a blog website)
- project is not a 'brochure' / static website (i.e. some amount of complexity is preferred)
-- if you are unsure, submit your project and we can discuss the details
- acknowledging that students will be learning on the project as they go. The quality and cost to you will be optimal, but allowances must be made for the initial speed of development

Technical project requirements (mostly relevant for continuing existing projects)
- version control (git) will be used
- drush is available on the server (or we will host it ourselves)
- feature-based work flow is preferred
- students will develop locally using vagrant

Just fill out your project details on http://debugsociety.com/contact and mention this post.

If, instead, you'd rather be joining the class to change your career, apply at http://debugacademy.com . The October class is full, but there are still a few spots left in the January class.

Disclaimer: Debug Academy is not affiliated with Acquia.