Our Next Meet-Up September

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Hello guys...hope you're all having a great week.
Our next Group Meeting comes up on Sunday 6th of September 2015.
Venue remains the same: Ikeja Shoprite.
Time: 3.00pm
Some of the things we will do include;
-->DrupalCampNIG2015 updates
-->Sponsorship Updates
--> Publicity Updates
--> Session Moderation and updates
--> Membership drive
In this meeting we shall be shooting a short video where all members will have a 15 seconds slot to say something...anything about Drupal. It will form part of our online video marketing drive for DrupalCamp Nigeria. Toyan Adeniji-Adele and Tochukwu Macdonald Sunday please take note.
We also hope to have sample materials for people to have a feel of what is going on in our preparations;
- Stickers
- T-shirts
- Brochure
- Name Tags
- Banners
- etc
We shall also distribute sponsorship letters to interested people.
Please mark the date and plan to be physically present.
DrupalCampNIG2015....more learning, more fun!
Thank you and God bless!