January lightning talks

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2016-01-20 18:00 - 21:00 UTC
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User group meeting

For January's talk night, we'll be doing an evening of short "lightning" talks, each of which should be a maximum of 10 minutes each.

This is a great way to see talks about a series of topics in the same evening, and a great chance for first-time or relatively new speakers to get involved.

If you would like to submit a talk, please email us at info@drupalbristol.org.uk.

The venue is kindly provided by Halo Media
Drinks (alcoholic and not) are kindly provided by Sift Digital


Temple Studios, Temple Gate, Bristol BS1 6QA.


We’re looking for five or six speakers. Here's who and what we have so far:

Tom Metcalfe - Drupal integrations are hard

Lessons learned from a few SOAP integrations with CRMs.

Alex Martin - Scaling high-traffic Drupal sites

Boost Module
Load balancing

…getting it all working/cache flushing together on some big festival sites without requiring ridiculously high-powered servers.

Adrian Bateman - Using a component library to deliver markup

What is a component library?
Who might need one? (Quick answer - anyone who wants consistent styling on multiple websites.)
Some of the challenges for Drupal.

Nigel Dunn - PHP Namespaces

  • what they are
  • their importance in modern PHP
  • use in Drupal 8
  • use in Drupal 7
  • some implications

Tom Sibson - Paragraphs module

Parallax paragraphs! A quick talk on how Positive empowered the content creators of a well known charity to build ad-hoc, campaign driven, parallax single page applications on their existing drupal site with out help from our devs.

Toby Brancher - Front-end architect meets Drupal. You won't believe what happens next!

A quick share of some useful approaches and tactics for minimising the markup and bloat that comes from Drupals accommodating defaults.


Please leave feedback on Joind.in.


Any takers for hosts? It

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Any takers for hosts? It would be good to get away from the Sift offices.

Allegedly the upstairs in the Royal navy volunteer has space they will give out for free and so will the architecture centre next to the YHA on the waterfront.

Temple Meads?

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There was talk during Drupalcon of trying to use the Bristol Media membership benefits that a lot of us seem to have to use one of the meeting rooms at Temple Meads (or wherever the space is nearby there).

Might be worth looking into.

Agreed, it would be good to

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Agreed, it would be good to have a different location sometimes. We've mentioned Nomensa and Nudge Digital before, but it's whether they have the space for everyone.

"Neutral" space like the Royal Navy Volunteer might be worth looking at too.


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I think we should pursue looking at space in the engine shed.

how many do we think we'd be looking at ?

also - if anyone needs ideas for a session id - heres a few

  • Ive just built a drupal 8 site, heres three things I learnt
  • this is how Ive used cool thing x in my drupal workflow
  • we did this in drupal 7, heres how we do it in drupal 8

If anyone is thinking about submitting a proposal for drupalcon in dublin (or more importantly drupal camp bristol 2016) , this would be a great way to start off, you could try something here, expand it in one of the monthly meetings, run it at the drupal camp and be ready for drupalcon in september.

Alex at Halo mentioned that

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Alex at Halo mentioned that we may be able to host there, but I haven't heard from him for a while.

I'll follow up with him.

Yes, the space at Temple

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Yes, the space at Temple Studios was available last time I checked. It's just opposite the Engine Shed. If you're happy to go ahead let me know and I'll try to get it booked in properly.

It looks like this...

Do we have any idea of numbers? There's 15 seats, plus lots of sofas, though obviously would need us to do a bit of furniture rearranging. Halo can probably sort out a few beers too.

I mentioned to Oliver that we don't have a projector/screen, so this would also need to be sorted out.


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Either myself or Tim (one of our devs) would be up for doing a lightning talk on scaling high-traffic Drupal sites. It's a bit dev-opsy, but hopefully should be of interest.


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Hi @alexmartin - I've seen these go to around the 20 mark , if we get a good roster of talks , maybe higher.
I like the sound of a high traffic talk

@opdavies - have we got an idea of whos said they might talk yet ? , I know one of the devs at positive will be up for giving a talk on using and extending the excellent paragraphs module

Sounds good

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I know one of the devs at positive will be up for giving a talk on using and extending the excellent paragraphs module.

Sounds good!


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@tim_marsh - I'm sure seating 25 to 30 wouldn't be a problem, but it's not exactly a proper auditorium, so you may prefer something more like the Engine Shed for these numbers. Happy for anyone to pop by if you want to look at it.

@alexmartin It sounds ideal -

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It sounds ideal - we're not looking for speakers at a podium type thing here,
The abiity / freedom to talk and circulate is important too.

if the numbers look spectacular later , we could look towards the engine shed, but no need to now imo

Should I go ahead and book it

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Should I go ahead and book it then?

Hi @alexmartin - I think so,

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Hi @alexmartin - I think so, yes, theres the consensus for the change of venue, and it seems an excellent fit.

Temple Studios

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I've successfully booked Temple Studios for the 20th January. Anna, the building manager has kindly offered us the use of a projector and screen.


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Thanks for sorting that out, Alex. It'll be nice to have a change of scene.

Looking forward to it

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Thanks for sorting, I have signed up, time I caught up with the Bristol scene again..

Pasties or Fudge anyone?

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Popping up from Cornwall for this one - anyone want any Fudge or Pasties importing?

Pasties or Fudge anyone?

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Popping up from Cornwall for this one - anyone want any Fudge or Pasties importing?

Location specifics and after drinks?

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Been working in Bath recently and Bristol is a blur, not quite sure of the layout of all the bits around Temple meads, can anyone supply a bit more detail on location, which door and building? Cheers :)

Also I am probably stuck on a late bus as usual (11:20 ish) so if anybody else is stuck waiting around afterwards for bus and train am up for drinks and chat afterwards (Knights Templar perhaps, not the most exciting location but close to station).


Hi Chris, If you exit the

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Hi Chris,

If you exit the train station via the main entrance and walk towards the main road, look left and you'll see some yellow stairs and an "entrance sign". That's where to go.

Also the reckless engineer at

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Also the reckless engineer at the bottom of the ramp is a much nicer pub for a drink :)

Or maybe?

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Yurt lush or the Yard round the back of the station? Less Bikers in leather waste coats in those places

Ah good shout!takes off

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Ah good shout!

*takes off leather jacket*

Yeah, Yurt Lush is quite good

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Yeah, Yurt Lush is quite good considering the location!