Access log shows node_page_default, node_page_view urls

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I noticed some strange things in apache access_log file. There are URL requests for /node_page_default, /node_page_view which does not exists and results page not found message.

These requests are taking more time to respond. Sometimes it is 1.5sec. Wich causes unnecessary usage of resources, bandwidth and affecting throughput.

Does it mean, someone is trying to hack? How can I avoid it?


This seems unlikely to be a

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This seems unlikely to be a hack attempt, or definitely not a sophisticated one.

The apache access log should list a few interesting things:

  • The user agent and IP: what information can you guess about the software or person accessing these urls by researching the user agent and IP address for the requests? Maybe this is a bot of some sort?
  • The referrer for the request: perhaps your site is generating links to these pages somehow (some bug in your code?) and a search index bot is visiting all the links and ending up on an invalid page.