January Meetup

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2016-01-11 18:30 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting


Location Lakeway Woods Coffee @6:30pm

Last month we met and started digging into Twig, the new to Drupal templating system. We setup our local development environments for debugging the templates. If you follow the community guide, which we updated, you will be ready to dive in.

Join us to explore the following:

  • How does the placeholder_token work and what does it do? in the file core/modules/system/templates/html.html.twig
  • How does Bartik use twig inheritance
  • Logistics for hosting a D8.1 release party at LinuxFest

Stay tuned for the meeting location.

If you can't attend in person, do so via Slack. We'll use the Slack channel #gdo-meetups as the primary discussion channel.

In order to participate using Slack, you need to be signed up for this group.
To be added to the Slack group, please contact one of the Drupal Group's organizers, at the right side of the Drupal Group page, either:

  • theMusician (Max)
  • Trebor (Rob)


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This thread might be useful regarding the placeholder_token:


Also within the above link is mention of a nice "map" of the D8 render pipeline, available as PNG, PDF, & SVG: