Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2016

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2016-01-30 10:00 - 18:00 Europe/Budapest
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With this all-day Sprint in Budapest, Hungary is going to be a part of the global Drupal Sprint Weekend 2016.

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. If possible, install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core. More details: https://groups.drupal.org/node/488988

The leader of the regular sprint will be Gábor Hojtsy, and we'll do a special translation sprint as well which will be led by Balu Ertl.

The event will take place at the Cheppers office (22 3/3 Szent István krt. 1137, Budapest, Hungary).

If you are interested in working on Drupal 8 or would like to help us translating to Hungarian, you are welcome to join! See you all there!

PS: Here's a blogpost for everyone interested in joining the sprints. It helps understanding how sprints work and how you should prepare for it: https://cheppers.com/blog/drupal-global-sprint-weekend-2016



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Great, I will be there!

Hello from Heidelberg!

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Hello Drupal Sprint Weekend Budapest and a special hello to Szofi who is joining us in Heidelberg for the Drupal Business and Community Days as a featured guest in April.

We have stickers for Drupal Business and Community Days, Heidelberg 2016 that we would like to send you - please send us your mailing address, either here as a comment or by mail to dbacd@erdfisch.de

8 - 10 April 2016
Follow us on Twitter @DrupalBCDays

Thank you and good luck with your Sprint Weekend!