Global Sprint Weekend 2016

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2016-01-30 10:00 - 2016-01-31 16:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Drupal Sprint in Bellingham, WA, USA is part of Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2016.

We will be holding sprints on both Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm at the Western Downtown Center within the Herald Building (1155 North State St.).

Drupal 8 will be the focus of both days as we help the community move towards further improvements in Drupal 8.

If you haven't yet used Drupal 8 this is a great opportunity to be exposed to the new system. If you have never been to a sprint, this blog post has a great overview of what to expect.

Last year we had 10-15 people throughout the day. We hope to see you there.

Steps to sprint!

  1. Create a account
  2. Install the Dreditor browser plugin
  3. Download Acquia Dev Desktop
  4. Clone the most recent 8.x code
  5. Chose a task

Finding and applying patches

Once an interesting patch has been found, the process to apply the patch in order to test it is as follows:

Ensure your copy of Drupal is updated to the most recent version. This can be done at any time by executing the following command inside the Drupal root directory:
git pull
Download a copy of the most recent version of the patch (often patches are revised further down the issue page) by issuing the command:

OR, if you're on a system with curl rather than wget:
curl -O
Apply the patch by issuing the following:
git apply [patchname].patch

Finally, test the patch out rigorously and submit feedback to the issue tracker, in order to help identify problems and improve the functionality of Drupal.

Test Patches -


Sprint Mentoring

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I'll be mentoring new contributors to Drupal on both days. Excited!

The joy of too many places to be!

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I have signed up for Vancouver already but I enjoy working with you folks so I'll probably join you for Sunday.

The trick will be to pick isssues that can work easily in both places. With I imagine there will be a strong Twig focus up here.

Angus Pratt
Poet, Consultant, Web Designer
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Twig, UI, Accessibility

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It will be fun to see you Angus if you can make it on Sunday. I am sure the Vancouver session will be great. We have been exploring Twig at our meetups, but anything surrounding the User Interface or Accessibility I think we have some strength in as well.


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Awesome, I'm up for working on accessibility. See you then!

Great to hear! See you on

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Great to hear! See you on Saturday.

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From the folks that make DeltaWalker:

If you need to show subtle differences between two screenshots, this tool may help, offering some thresholding, what's changed vs. what's the same views.

Experiment on a obvious test case to get a feel for how the online tool works and whether it is of value for your needs.

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During the 2016 Sprint, we had reason to not only offer some patches, but also to explore comparing 2 patches via interdiff. On the Mac, interdiff can be installed using Macports (e.g. sudo port install patchutils) or Homebrew by installing patchutils which is a collection of patch utilities. I've created a table below that lists the utilities it installs and a link to a man page for further details.

Command man page
interdiff interdiff(1) - Linux man page
combinediff combinediff(1) - Linux man page
filterdiff filterdiff(1) - Linux man page
fixcvsdiff fixcvsdiff(1) - Linux man page
lsdiff lsdiff(1) - Linux man page
splitdiff splitdiff(1) - Linux man page
rediff rediff(1) - Linux man page
grepdiff grepdiff(1) - Linux man page
recountdiff recountdiff(1) - Linux man page
unwrapdiff unwrapdiff(1) - Linux man page
dehtmldiff dehtmldiff(1) - Linux man page
flipdiff flipdiff(1) - Linux man page
espdiff espdiff(1) - Linux man page