Big Island Drupal Global Training Day

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2016-02-27 09:30 - 15:00 Pacific/Honolulu
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Training (free or commercial)

In the spirit of Drupal Training Day I'd like to offer a chance to learn from a pro. My buddy from Colorado is coming over and he has graciously offered to help out anyone who might be interested in starting the Drupal learning curve. This will be about Drupal 8, so if you have any questions about the migration from D7 to D8 I'm sure he could help with that too, though the primary focus will be on D8.
We'll do it somewhere along the Kohala Coast and I'll bring beer and fish. Drop us a line and let us know if you're interested as attendance will drive location and fish.
Thanks and we hope to see a few of you there!


I am interested in attending.

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It's a long drive from Glenwood, but still closer than Oahu. I am interested in attending.

Welcome Aboard!

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Glad to have you! PM sent.

I am interested in attending.

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Accidentally entered it twice and can't delete 2nd entry.


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I've been using Drupal for about 10 years on various science projects and am now teaching a course in Drupal8 at U. Hawaii, Maui College. While I can't attend your luau, I'd like to stay in touch as there are few of us here.


Souds great

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Maybe you could drop in with Skype to say hello. If there's any interest we could pop over to Maui in 6 mos and try one over there.

On an unrelated note, have you worked with Docker much?

Have a nice weekend.

What's the Skype ID?

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Sounds good. Haven't worked with Docker.

I'd like to skype in if

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I'd like to skype in if possible too! I'm on Oahu, it's very rare that I go up to Kohala so it would be cool if I could attend remotely.

ig: @thejaspher
tw: @jaspher

Global Training Day

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Hey jaspher,
You are more than welcome to drop in and say hello but we aren't really going to be set up to do any kind of remote learning. I was hoping that we would have some local folks/visitors get together and learn a few things as well as meet one another. And, as of right now we have no positive commitments so it might be a party of two at the event. Thanks.

It's a go!

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It looks like we'll have a few people coming up for an informal session. If anyone else would like to drop by just let me know. I want to make sure we have enough fish on hand. Thanks.

Follow up

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Hi all,
If anyone is interested in getting a little online help, has a nice 2 hr segment for experienced Drupal users upgrading to D8.

The first 3 lessons are free.

I know we had a few people who were interested in joining us online but we weren't really set up for it. If we did this again in October would anybody want to try with a Google Hangout?

We are also thinking of changing the venue to Hilo and possibly even Honolulu. While Kohala isn't at the end of the world, you can see it from here.

Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome too.