Informal Weekly Meetup

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Hi gang. Not sure who all might be interested but I'm looking to set up a weekly Drupal meetup which would happen either Tues or Wed. and would run from say 5:30-9pm

However, still looking at options for locations any suggestions



Weekly is too often for me

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Weekly is too often for me and I am not sure the group would meet that frequently or for that long.

I encourage you to come to the tentative happy hour and quarterly meetup on 4/5.

Well you'll just have to come

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Well you'll just have to come when you can ;)

I'd imagine most of us are

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I'd imagine most of us are not going to be able to meet that frequently. It's already a relatively small group as it is. Trying to do every week, seems impractical at this point.

Its all good.But look at it

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Its all good.

But look at it this way quarterly and monthly meets many people forget the day and location etc, if there is a designated day and place people seem to remember that. Sure most people wont show up and that's expected but over time it will grow.

With that being said I'm thinking every Tues I'll set some time aside 5:30-10 somewhere to be working on drupal stuff and during that time if anyone wants to come by is more than welcome if not its all good.

Now I just need to find a location ;)


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I have to agree with the others that weekly is tough to do. But I like the spirit of what you are trying to accomplish. There are a handful of us who hang out most days in the group Slack channel. There are conversations going on not every day, but probably weekly on average. If you want to join us there (I see you've already registered), just come hang out.

Anyone else reading this get an invite to our San Antonio Drupal Slack team: