Next PNWDS is Early 2017 in Vancouver, BC

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Next Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit will be early 2017 in Vancouver, BC. -- date to be determined. No Summit is planned for 2016.

Due to competition from larger Drupal events, like BADcamp, the annual Summit is moving from Fall to an earlier time in the year. Skipping 2016 gives organizers in Vancouver, BC time to make arrangements for a venue.

Future details will be posted here
and here which redirects to until 2017 site is operational.


Would you mind clarifying the

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Would you mind clarifying the plan a bit more since I'm not on the planning emails? I ask mainly out of concern for conflicting with DrupalCon because we're gearing up for DrupalCon 2016 now.

Schedule for 2017 PNWDS

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Please note: There is no Summit scheduled for 2016.

If you need more 2017 schedule details, I suggest you contact the Vancouver BC Drupal group.

I am with the Seattle group and I will provide details on this PNWDS Drupal group as they become available.