March Meetup!

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2016-03-14 17:30 - 18:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

We will again be meeting at the Western City Center on the base floor of the Herald building - 1155 North State St.. at 5:30pm - 6:30+pm

It is Pi day!

We hope to have some pie to share at the meetup. We hope to continue exploring Drupal 8 including an overview of the new block system.

If you would like to discuss anything Drupal 6,7, or 8 in detail please post a comment and we will make sure to provide time for the topic.

See you on Pi day!

If you can't attend in person, do so via Slack. We'll use the Slack channel #gdo-meetups as the primary discussion channel.

In order to participate using Slack, you need to be signed up for this group.
To be added to the Slack group, please contact one of the Drupal Group's organizers, at the right side of the Drupal Group page, either:

theMusician (Max)
Trebor (Rob)

Comments blog on D8 Blocks

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The folks at offer a blog + video overview (12+ minutes in length) of the D8 Block interface/changes that may be useful to review prior to the meet up:


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There doesn't seem to be a time on this event...Thanks!

Just added the time for meet up

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5:30pm is the start time of the meet up on 2016-03-14.

Thanks for the quick

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Thanks for the quick response!