Social Media Guidelines

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Hello everyone,

we have now some Social Media guidelines we should follow for our Social Media accounts such as twitter, facebook, etc.


  • Keep the Drupal community informed about important news and information
  • Curate content that helps people advance their Drupal skills
  • Provide information about Drupal events within Ireland
  • Provide a way for people outside the community to learn about Drupal and how to get involved
  • Promote the use of Drupal


  • Demonstrate something of value to the community / target audience
    • Examples
    • patches contributed
    • Modules back
    • Documentation
    • Educational
    • How drupal cut page load times
  • Low barrier of entry (at least until we state & learn what's appropriate and not appropriate - mistakes will happen)
  • Prevent a situation where one company is deemed to have a monopoly over the channel and content.

Please fell free to join this discussion and propose any amendment you think we should consider.