Spokane April Workshop: Building Web Sites with Drupal

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2016-03-21 14:40 America/Los_Angeles
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Training (free or commercial)
Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 10 AM to 4 PM
Post Falls Library, 821 N. Spokane St., Post Falls, ID (map) - Meeting room #1
Wi-Fi equipped laptop and power cord, snacks, drinks. Or, you can take a break and eat nearby at lunchtime.
Free registration on Eventbrite -- PLEASE sign up if you plan to attend as a participant or mentor
More information, curriculum materials, etc.

About the workshop

This workshop is a self-paced, hands-on introduction to building a web site using Drupal version 8.1. It is meant for people who are very new to Drupal, but with some general web/Internet knowledge, and who want to learn how to build web sites with Drupal.

Participants in the workshop will be working at their own pace to build a Drupal site, using the new Drupal User Guide as their course material. At this point, the User Guide is a rough draft, so participants will also be providing useful feedback to the authors of the guide, which will benefit future readers of the free User Guide to this free software. Mentors will be on hand to answer questions and clarify anything that is unclear in the guide.

Note: This takes the place of our regular User Group meeting at the Argonne Library, for April.



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If you have made a poster or sent out any publicity, add a comment here so we can coordinate and/or avoid sending duplicate publicity. Thanks! I'm sending out some shortly and will comment with where I've publicized this event. I recommend using the http://poplarclass.com/home-spokane-2016 URL as the main event URL, because I'll be posting the curriculum and other materials there.

I did some publicity...

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Here is the publicity I have done so far... I will edit this comment as I do more...

Tweeted to @bg_spokane and @spokanegeekgrls : https://twitter.com/poplarware/status/712033291096948737

Posted on Craigslist: http://spokane.craigslist.org/cls/5501997566.html

Submitted to the Inlander event calendar (no URL, not live yet).

Emailed to the Nickel's Worth as a calendar event (not live yet).

Emailed to the coordinator (I think/hope) of the Spokane Linux User Group email lists and asked him to post it.

Community Library Network

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Diane noted on the old page:

"I have permission to publicize this on the Community Library Network site. They will add the main graphic of the poster to their next newsletter if I can get that to them. I can also use it to create an event notice on the district wide rotating slideshow of each of the pages."

Computer stores etc.

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Jon sent out an email to numerous computer stores and individual tech people listed in Google in Spokane and Idaho, with a poster. Diane also sent the info and poster to North Idaho College's web development program, and Build Guild (who posted it on their Facebook page).

My Efforts

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A few weeks ago I forwarded Jose's poster and event details to my contacts and to the Web development department at SCC. I believe we will have a handful of students attending.

Publicity from Community Library Network

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An event notice with the Eventbrite link has been placed on the http://www.communitylibrary.net/drupal7/content/programs-adults page. There is also a slideshow image on each of the site pages that links to this event on the Programs for Adults page. Tomorrow, a Facebook post for the https://www.facebook.com/communitylibrarynetwok/ page has been scheduled to hit.

Don't forget to register!

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I'm very gratified to see that as of this morning, we have 5 of our "regulars" signed up on EventBrite for the workshop (not to mention that I'm gratified that we have more than 5 regulars in our wonderful group!). Anyone else planning to come?

We also have 3 new people that I don't think I know, and that registered as having "No Drupal experience". Hopefully, they will all learn a lot, get excited about using Drupal, and start coming to our meetings.

There is still plenty of space in the workshop... If you plan to come as a mentor or attendee, please sign up so we can at least mentally prepare for how many people will be there (and bring an appropriate number of power strips and such). And of course, tell your friends about it. It's free!

See you on Saturday!

Quite a few more!

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The registrations are coming in -- it should be a good workshop with a good mix of experienced mentor types and people completely new to Drupal, and a few in between. See you Saturday!

I got some swag to bring,

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I got some swag to bring, including buttons and decals!!!

Going to be full!

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It now looks like we may have a nearly full room (thanks everyone who did publiciity!). I just adjusted the numbers for the various levels on EventBrite, so we are set up to allow up to 28 new-to-Drupalists, 5 some-Drupalists, and 7 mentors (current registrations are 13, 3, and 5, and more are coming in).

I will be bringing:
- One power strip
- The projector just in case we need it
- Some information cards I made up, with URLs for the local Drupal group, free temporary hosting, etc.
- Name tags
- Sheets for recording anything that needs fixing in the User Guide

I was thinking I would try to arrive at 9:30, but the library in Post Falls doesn't open until 10... Anyway, I'm planning to say a bit at the beginning to get people slightly oriented towards our Spokane group and set expectations for the day. I also have a reminder email set to go out to everyone who registered (that will go out on Friday morning).

If anyone has a power strip and/or extension cord they can bring, that would be very very helpful!

See you Saturday!