Purpose of the Drupal North group?

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What's the purpose of this group? Organization of the annual event? Promotion and announcement regarding the event? Both?

I wasn't at the DrupalCon NOLA Canada BOF where this group was discussed, so I probably lack some context. But others will probably join this group over time and have the same question.


Kathryn volunteered to create

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Kathryn volunteered to create the group based on a collective agreement of the BoF's attendees.

The purpose of the group is no different than other GDO groups - promotion, awareness, transparency, etc. – for the Drupal.org community who are specifically interested in the annual event.

Of course, we can use the group to help promote this year's event. We've also begun organizing next year's event (and had discussions about 2018's location) so it's good to also have this new GDO group for those purposes. :)

I guess my question was to

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I guess my question was to known if things like planning meeting and discussion on details of the organization should/could happen here, or is this more a place for attendees (and potential attendees) to discuss the event and exchange information (social events, organizing transport, etc.). Off course both could happen here, but if used for organization it will probably get too noisy for people only interested by the event and not the details of its organization.

That makes sense – we should

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That makes sense – we should minimize organizing information unless it's specifically relevant to the general Drupal.org audience.

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