Drupal 8 Day 24Hour Camp

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2016-11-19 12:00 - 2016-11-20 12:00 UTC
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User group meeting

Drupal 8 Day is a 100% free, online Drupal Camp.

Drupal 8 Day is going to take place on November 19, 2016 ... the first anniversary of Drupal 8's release!

We still have spaces for speakers if you are interested please get in touch.




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This was a pretty good resource, but it looks like it's down. Are the videos still housed on YouTube as a playlist?

Answered my own question

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The playlist is still available on YouTube. If anyone wants to take a look https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtaXuX0nEZk8NY8L4weAUJljPRG5vzT_g

They are on Youtube

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The site is probably not going to be back as OSTraining moves more towards WordPress and I no longer work for them.

Thank you both!

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Probably should have refreshed before replying

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