November meetup, with added talks!

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2016-11-17 18:30 Europe/London
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User group meeting

For Novembers meet-up will have some Drupal8 related talks:

"Goodbye Drush Make, Hello Composer" - Oliver Davies
"Drupal development with pattern labs" - Ian Smith

If you would like to submit a talk, please email us at We are always open to new speakers.

The venue is kindly provided by Torchbox:

3rd Floor
15 Colston St
Bristol BS1 5AP

We'll be sorting out a beer and pizza sponsor, but if anyone is up for it give us a shout.


Sponsored by DrupalCamp Bristol!

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Unless there's any objections I'd like to put DCBristol forward as food and drinks sponsors.

I think we can certainly cover the costs from excess DCB funds, so let's start putting that money to good use now the camp is a bit more established and finances are more predictable!

It would also be great to hear if anybody else has any similar requests... If people are keen to organise any Sprint days/nights then I'd love to get those sponsored too?

On that note - big thanks to the community for attending DCB 2015/2016. We wouldn't have any excess funds to use for things like this if it wasn't for all the attendees, sponsors and support!

And on that note a big thanks

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And on that note a big thanks to DCB 2015/2016 for simply being awesome :)

Wait, is this on the 17th

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Wait, is this on the 17th (Thursday) next week, instead of the Wednesday?

Yeah this moved to the

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Yeah this moved to the Thursday for the speakers. Completely forgot to add a comment!

Done forget to signup if

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Done forget to signup if you're attending so I know how much pizza and beer to get in.



Hi All, Unfortunately Ian has

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Hi All,

Unfortunately Ian has had to drop out from giving his talk. Anyone else fancy a speaking slot?



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apologies :(

can't make it tonight

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can't make it tonight, see you next time hopefully