Google Code-In 2016-17: Call for Mentors

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Drupal was accepted back into Google's Code-In contest for students ages 13-17. This is a call for mentors interested in mentoring students. We need all the help we can get. Comment here, contact me directly, or join us in #drupal-google on Freenode.

GCI starts November 28th 2016 and runs through January 18th 2017. GCI is a bit diff from GSoC. GSoC is one student working on one big project. GCI is many students working on as many small tasks as possible to win a contest. Top 2 students are sent on an all expense trip to Google in Mountain View, California.

Mentoring a few small tasks is actually not too time consuming and is fun. Tasks range from creating video tutorials to writing/testing patches. This is a great chance to gain an influx of young developers within our community. Plus mentors receive a free Google shirt in the mail :)

Official website from Google with more info @

GDO for our internal updates @