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Welcome Google Code-In Students and Mentors! - students and mentors find tasks at Google's system that manages GCI @ STUDENTS SHOULD ONLY POST WORK/COMMENTS ABOUT GCI TASKS IN THE GCI WEBSITE, NOT THIS WEBSITE

All students must read documentation for GCI students @ and watch video documentation @

This group is for Drupal as a mentoring organization for Google's Code-In(gci). If Drupal is accepted as a mentoring organization, this group will also serve as a working group for monitoring Drupal's participation in the contest.

Students, mentors, and anyone else interested are encouraged to chat with us in real time via IRC in #drupal-google @freenode or more specifically during office hours below:

IRC Office Hours (Tuesdays)

  • Asia/Australia 04:00 UTC (India 09:30)
  • Europe 13:00 UTC (Slovenia 14:00)
  • Americas 18:00 UTC (California 11:00)
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Blog on my work for Google Code In

Respected Sir,

I created my blog on Drupal. This blog is written at

Thanks and regards

Himakshi Chhatlani

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2 Sites made with Drupal and their Functionality and Usefulness

The first website is . It's functionality is to give information of NCAA basketball. It also lists scores and different brackets of the tournament. The usefullness of the site is to provide information, merchandise, and game tickets. The design of the website looks a bit small, and kind of boring. This site could help me find the locations and times of games, the price of tickets, and information about players or teams.

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Students Must Attribute posts/posts/contributions to GCI on

Once you have created your Drupal account, go to Edit --> Work and add "Google Code-In" as your Organization and "Student" as your Job Title. Notice that the organization field is case sensitive, so you must write "Google Code-In" (not "Google Code-in," Google code-in," etc.).


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Write a blog about 'What Open-Source is all about?'

Hi, I want a help to make some improvements in my blog
Here is the link :
hope you will help me with this

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Create a flyer inviting students to participate in GCI ( Drupal )

Below is the file for the flyer.

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Design a logo for Drupal participation in GSoC ( Drupal )

Here is the modified logo in the attached file below.

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Design a logo for Drupal participation in GSoC ( Drupal )

The logo which I have proposed is in the file attached below.

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Design a logo for Drupal participation in GSoC ( Drupal )

The logo which I have proposed is in the file attached below.

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Google Code-In 2017-18 is NOW!

The Google Code-In contest for students ages 13-17 has started and will end January 17th 2018. If you see any of these new students/contributors in issue queue, please help these students out a bit if they ask too basic of questions or at least point them in the proper direction.

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Google Code-In 2017 Announcement!

"We are excited to announce the 8th consecutive year of the Google Code-in (GCI) contest! Students ages 13 through 17 from around the world can learn about open source development working on real open source projects, with mentorship from active developers. GCI begins on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 and runs for seven weeks through to Wednesday, January 17, 2018." - Google Open Source Team

More details @

More info will be posted as it becomes available @

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Mobile CMS screenshots of Joomla CMS (Joooid) on HTC One M7


  • It is not easy to find any mobile integration for self hosted applications.

  • Consistent and stable

  • Straight forward.

  • In some cases the program stopped working.

  • The learning curve is larger as compared to other open source platforms.

-- Drupal can be improved by making its tabs better and also work on the drop down list.
-- Compared to Joomla, Drupal is much easier to use and to learn.

Below are the screenshots attached of the Joomla CMS for Mobile User Interface.

(1) Log in

(2) Available services

(3) Articles

(4) New Article

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Mobile CMS screenshots of Wordpress on HTC One M7


  • Simple to use

  • Wordpress allows us to make the UI more appealind since we can customize the themes.

  • Wordpress has a wide variety of themes which makes wordpress' UI more appealing.

  • It is an amazing content management system.

-- Drupal must work on its themes as this will make it its user interface more appealing.

Below are screenchots of Wordpress on HTC One M7.
1- Log in
2- Available services
3- Themes
4- Customize theme
5- Discover

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Mobile CMS screenshots of ProcessWire on HTC One M7


  • Using ProcessWire on a phone makes it UI look dull.

  • Easy to Use.

  • No proper alignment when using a phone.

  • Looks messy.

-- Drupal is really better than processwire concerning CMS since it is well spaced and offers a cleaner interface.
-- Drupal is more stable and reliable.

Below are the screenshots attached of ProcessWire for Mobile User Interface.
(1) ProcessWire front page
(2) Modules
(3-4) Docs
(5) Blog
(6) Forums

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Google Code-In 2017 Task Organization Wiki

Wiki is now hidden from GCI students and is organized better in a spreadsheet which helps mass import tasks into GCI system. Potential mentors should contact Slurpee and/or Skyred for access via contact pages or IRC #drupal-google

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Ideas to help Drupal promote GSoC/GCI

From GCI Task
"Document 5 ideas to help Drupal promote GSoC/GCI"

  1. Promote on Drupal landing page. Maybe in the monthly post. I see there is a post like "What’s new on - October 2016". So before the contest start about 1-3 months, include the GSoC/GCI news in the post.

  2. Tweet about GSoC/GCI in Drupal official Twitter. Use GSoC/GCI hashtag.

  3. Write interesting stories about finalists from previous years.

  4. Promote GSoC/GCI in Drupal developer documentation. If they have any tasks for students, please add them to GSoC/GCI.

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Drupal Accepted into Google Code-In 2016

Proud to announce that Drupal was officially accepted to participate in Google's Code-In 2016 contest. More info @

At this point, Drupal needs mentors. Please contact me directly if interested in mentoring a few tasks or many tasks over next few months. We need all the help we can find. Tasks for GCI are meant to be easier for students ages 13-17. Amount of effort to mentor a few tasks is actually easy and enjoyable.

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Google Code-In 2016 Announcement!

"Today we also announced the Google Code-in 2016 contest that will be open for past GSoC mentoring organizations to apply to be a part of this exciting 7 week contest bringing teenagers into the open source community. Organization applications are open for GCI from October 24th - November 7th. GCI opens for student participants on November 28th!" - Google

More info will be posted as it becomes available @

Please contact me if interested in participating as a mentor or student. Drupal will be applying to participate again and needs all the help we can find.

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Google Code-In 2016 Task Organization Wiki

Utilize this wiki to document, add, and organize potential tasks for Google's Code-In 2016 contest. We're hoping for at least 100 tasks for our application due sometime in October. If you want to mentor the task, add your name. If you DON'T want to be a mentor, leave the field blank. Current goal is to have tasks in the expected 5 required categories for our application...

*Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
*Documentation/Training: Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more

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Google Code-in 2015 blogs

In this discussion, I suggest GCI 2015 participants share links to their blogs, where they're writing about Drupal because there are many tasks wich require blogging. As for me, I'm very interested in reading a really good post about Drupal.

It's my blog: Read, discuss and share it with your friends! :)

Also, I have an idea to create a site (with Drupal, of course) wich will collect and aggregate blog post of GCI 2015 participants, news about GCI and another stuff that related to it. What do you think about it?

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