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This group is for Drupal as a mentoring organization for Google's Code-In(gci). If Drupal is accepted as a mentoring organization, this group will also serve as a working group for monitoring Drupal's participation in the contest. GCI 2013 is finished and GCI 2014 will start in about October. Please join this group if you're interested in learning more.

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Drupal Google Code-In Outreach

The Google Code-In recently ended and GSoC applications are closed. Now it's time to start preparing for next year's competition. One large problem regarding the contest is that there is not much involvement within development communities, which means many potential students aren't being introduced to the world of open source. This shows that Drupal, as a community, needs to encourage the future generation of programmers to contribute to open source, which this contest does a great job of doing.

How can we find and encourage these interested students?

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GSoC 2014 - Student Application DEADLINE THIS FRIDAY!

Reminder to all students AND mentors that GSoC 2014 student applications are due this Friday March 21st at 19:00-UTC. Moving forward all students need to be submitting applications directly into Melange for review. Students need practice submitting proposals into Melange to realize it can be a pain and understand Google will NOT accept ANY late proposals.

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Helpful beginner resources

Hey guys,

I just discovered couple of interesting resources which will be very helpful to new contributors:

    NOTE: this is still a work in progress, and updates will be made on a regular basis. You can find this information and materials available on GitHub at, and we encourage pull requests.
  2. A video series teaching all required community tools:

I hope you'll find this helpful.

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It was fun GCI, Welcome back GSoC

Originally posted in our GSoC group. More info about GCI in a few months...Join us in #drupal-google or the new group if you want to learn more @

Our awesome community recently became a bit more awesome. Drupal was accepted into Google's Summer of Code 2014! Student applications started March 10th and are open until March 21st. It's not too late to become a student, mentor, or submit a project idea. Not available to join the GSoC fun...maybe you can send an email to your alumni university mailing list?

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GCI 2013 Student Task Page for GCI 2014 Task Ideas

Students will utilize this page to share ideas for 2014 gci task ideas.

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Google Code-In 2013 Started, Students Now Available, More Tasks Needed!

Big news! The annual Google Code-In contest kicked off Monday, November 18th. The contest's purpose for pre-university students (ages 13 - 17) is learning how to contribute to open-source software projects and offers them a chance to win a once in a life time grand prize of an all expense paid trip to Google HQ in California. The bigger news...Drupal was chosen as one of the ten participating organizations to create tasks for the students to complete during the 2013 contest! This is a huge honor for Drupal and gives us an amazing opportunity to grow our community.

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Google Code-in 2013 Task List (organized)

Drupal's Google Code-in Task List 2013
Time: X Hours
Difficulty: (Easy, Medium, Difficult)
Category: (Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance, User Interface)
Mentor: DRIES

*Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code

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Google Code-In 2013 Application Wiki

Utilize this wiki to organize our application for Google's Code-In 2013 contest. Our plan is to have an initial application draft ready this Friday October 18th. Please edit this wiki and add your feedback. Application URL @


Organization id: Drupal
Organization ID is used as part of various URL links throughout the site. You may reuse the same id for different years of the program. ASCII alphanumeric characters, digits, and underscores only.


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Google Code-In 2013 - Announcement and Application

Are you interested in contributing to Drupal, but don't have the coding skills or experience necessary? Good news, now you have an awesome opportunity to contribute! Drupal is currently in the application process to be a part of the Google Code-In ( ) contest for pre-university students ages 13-17. Our current need is building a list of quality tasks for students to work on during the contest.

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Google Code-In 2013 Task Organization Wiki

Utilize this wiki and template to add/organize potential tasks for Google's Code-In 2013 contest. We need at least 25 tasks for our application due this Friday October 18th. Please edit this wiki and add your tasks. If you want to mentor the task, add your name. If you DON'T want to be a mentor, leave the field blank. Current goal is to have 5 solid tasks in the 5 required categories adding up to 25 tasks for our application...

*Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
*Documentation/Training: Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more

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How to write a good Google Code-in task proposal


  • The goal of Code-in is to get students interested and involved in open source, not to get free child labour. ;) The tasks should reflect that. Try and form your tasks around ideas that are fun, interesting, of high importance for the project, and/or would look great on a college application.
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Task proposals open for Google Code-In 2012/2013!

Google Code-in is a contest sponsored by Google for helping engage 13-17 year old high school students in open source projects. Drupal is applying as a mentoring organization, and in order to do that, we need a list of tasks in five categories (Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance, and User Interface) lined up for participants to start working on.

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Organization application draft - 2012/2013

Note: the application below is a work-in-progress. Please feel free to improve it by editing this wiki page. Thanks!

Organization Name


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Google Code-in 2012-2013

Google Code-in is approaching. Organization application time-frame opens next Monday (22th Oct 2012) and closes two weeks later. Application is our main focus at the moment and that's why we need people that are willing to help with that. Code-in is focused on pre-university students, which are definitely future of our community. If you have few hours to contribute and you want to help attracting young people to join our community, please contact me or leave a comment.

Wondering what is Code-in?

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Google Summer of Code 2012

Please join for participating in Google Summer of Code 2012 :)

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Which is the best CMS for users?

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Total votes: 1
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Google Code-in 2011

Google code-in 2001 was announced. Will Drupal apply also this year?

What is the procedure? Should we first prepare application or start collecting proposals first? I'm willing to help with this, since I was GSoC 2011 student and I'l like to help younger open source enthusiasts to involve in Drupal.

Simple ways that YOU can help Google Code-In!

This is a wiki page to highlight ways that folks can contribute to GCI. Please update with any ones I missed.



  • Do you frequent an educational institution, after-school programme, youth center, or other place where 13-18 year olds hang out? Get the word out about Google Code-In!
  • Hang out on IRC in #drupal-gci. Students occasionally show up with general community or development questions, and we want them to get a friendly, fast response.
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    Step by Step guide to building site without a line of coding

    What about a documentation or screen-cast about how to build a standard web site without writing a single line of code. Maybe helps a lot for a new comers in the drupal verse.

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