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Welcome Google Code-In 2015-16 Students and Mentors! - students and mentors find tasks at Google's system that manages GCI @

Documentation for students to get started contributing to Drupal @

This group is for Drupal as a mentoring organization for Google's Code-In(gci). If Drupal is accepted as a mentoring organization, this group will also serve as a working group for monitoring Drupal's participation in the contest.

Students, mentors, and anyone else interested are encouraged to chat with us in real time via IRC in #drupal-google @freenode or more specifically during office hours below:

IRC Office Hours (Tuesdays)

  • Asia/Australia 04:00 UTC (India 09:30)
  • Europe 13:00 UTC (Slovenia 14:00)
  • Americas 18:00 UTC (California 11:00)
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Google Code-in 2015 blogs

In this discussion, I suggest GCI 2015 participants share links to their blogs, where they're writing about Drupal because there are many tasks wich require blogging. As for me, I'm very interested in reading a really good post about Drupal.

It's my blog: Read, discuss and share it with your friends! :)

Also, I have an idea to create a site (with Drupal, of course) wich will collect and aggregate blog post of GCI 2015 participants, news about GCI and another stuff that related to it. What do you think about it?

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GCI task: Design a logo for Drupal participation in GSoC

My task "Design a logo for Drupal participation in GSoC" requiers me to design a logo that could be used by GSoC students in their wrap-up posts.

It's my first time designing a logo and I seem to be far from having a good one, please give me some suggestions to improve. Thanks :)

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GCI task : Finish Drupal Ladder [Drupal Core Ladder] - Test patches

On the recommendation of my mentor I am posting my most recently accomplished task here.

Google Code In task :

Drupal Ladder Lesson :

Link to my blog :

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GCI task : Re-design's Front page


I am a GCI student and one of the mentors asked me to post my submission onto this group so that all the community members can review this.

Please see the attached jpeg file.

UPDATE: File changed after changes. Please view again

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Google Code-In Information Flyer

This flyer was created for Google-Code in 2015 as one of the assigned tasks. Here you will find an editable .PSD file where preferred changes can be made accordingly. There are also JPG files included to view the flyers. I couldn't make up my mind on which background color to use so I've posted all three pictures.

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Google Code-In 2015 - Announcement and Application

Are you interested in contributing to Drupal, but don't have the coding skills or experience necessary? Good news, now you have an awesome opportunity to contribute! Drupal is currently in the application process to be a part of the Google Code-In ( ) contest for pre-university students ages 13-17. Our current need is building a list of quality tasks for students to work on during the contest.

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Drupalcon LA GSoC/GCI BoF

2015-05-14 14:15 - 15:15 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

Our GSoC/GCI BoF at Drupalcon LA is on the schedule for Thursday May 14th 2015 at 14:15-15:15 in room 512.

Anyone interested in participating in GSoC and/or GCI is encourage to attend. If you're new to either program this is a great chance to learn how rewarding both experiences can be from alumni. Please attend if you have participated in either program as a student or mentor to help spread awareness plus share ideas to help everyone involved. This BoF will provide us a chance to meet in person to discuss past, present, and future initiatives to ensure Drupal's success in both programs.

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Google Code-In 2015 Task Organization Wiki

Utilize this wiki to document, add, and organize potential tasks for Google's Code-In 2015 contest. We're hoping for at least 100 tasks for our application due sometime in October. If you want to mentor the task, add your name. If you DON'T want to be a mentor, leave the field blank. Current goal is to have tasks in the expected 5 required categories for our application...

*Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
*Documentation/Training: Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more

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GCI 2014 Wrap Up and GSoC 2015 Kick Off

Congratulations to Google Code-In Winners

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Drupalcon Latin America GSoC/GCI BoF

2015-02-04 02:15 - 03:15 America/Bogota
Event type: 
User group meeting

Our GSoC/GCI BoF at Drupalcon Latin America is on the schedule for Wednesday February 11th 2015 at 14:15-15:15 in room: "Salon Azaleas - MailChimp".

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GCI 2014 Task: Create an Event Template (NeedsReview)

Hello! I'm a Google Code-In 2014 student and as part of my task ( I've created an event/meetup template. I've also been helped by my mentor Slurpee to create this template and would like reviews and suggestion regarding this template.

Here's the template link:
and the documentation:

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Ideas to promote GSoC/GCI within the community

Google Code-In:

"Google Code-in is an annual programming competition hosted by Google Inc. that allows pre-university students to complete tasks specified by various, partnering open source organizations. The contest was originally the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, but in 2010, the format was modified into its current state. Students that complete tasks win certificates and T-shirts. Each organization also selects two grand prize award winners who will earn a trip to Google's Headquarters located in Mountain View, California.

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GCI 2014 Task: Drupal explained to Grandma n Grandpa in 3 paragraphs

Droopel? Druple? Drewpil? Dropul?

My Google Code-In 2014 task required me to explain Drupal in 3 paragrahs to be understood by people who aren't familiar with computers or high-tech jargon. I like creative writing and sharing new information with people so I claimed the task.

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GCI 2014 Task: Organize a Drupal installation/basics workshop at your school

One of my Google Code In tasks has been to teach a group of friends or school mates the basics of installing Drupal. I chose this because I regularly attend my school's Student Technology and Coding Club, and I couldn't imagine a better audience in my high school to teach things like this to.

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Premoting GCI & GSoc

Drupal is heavily evolved with Google open source office with working on GCi & GSoc. I made a digital marketing campaign to support Drupal's involvement in those things. The file is attached below. Please print it out and share it to anyone who you may thing wants to be evolved.

  • Thanks, Arjan
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"Drupal Gift Bag" for winning GCI students

As a community, Drupal should truly give back to our winning GCI students. The students spend a lot of time on GCI and it is not easy work. GSoC students are paid to work, but GCI students compete in a contest to win a trip to Google with no money. We have previously discussed providing our two winning GCI students with some type of "Drupal Gift Bag" that would include items such as t-shirts, stickers, books, magazines, etc. Let's move forward and make this happen for our 2014 winners.

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An Interview with a Google Summer of Code Participant: Port XML Sitemap to Drupal 8

I had the wonderful opportunity of interacting with and interviewing a Google Summer of Code [] student alumni. I interviewed Mr. Andrei Dincu about his project and his experience. Mr. Dincu’s Google Summer of Code project was about developing a Drupal 8 module for the popular XML Sitemap module. This module was being created with the intention to increase the performance of their websites. For more information about Mr.

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Google Code-In 2014 starts now

Proud to announce that Google Code-In 2014 started about one hour ago. As usual, several tasks were assigned instantly and our #drupal-google IRC channel quickly gained new users. Thanks Google for providing our community new contributors!

Friendly reminder that is is not too late to get involved. Please join us in #drupal-google to provide support and watch out in #drupal-contribute for plenty of young students asking new questions from around the world (please be patient).

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Google Code-In 2014 starts Dec 1st and Drupal is back!

It's that wonderful time of the year when Google Code-In students (ages 13-17) work on tasks for Drupal. Starting on Monday December 1st, hundreds of students from around the world will be contributing tasks to open source organizations competing to win an all expense paid trip to visit Google in California. Luckily Drupal was invited back by Google to participate in 2014 and timing could not be better with the beta releases of Drupal 8. Thanks Google!

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Google Code-In 2014 - Announcement and Application

Are you interested in contributing to Drupal, but don't have the coding skills or experience necessary? Good news, now you have an awesome opportunity to contribute! Drupal is currently in the application process to be a part of the Google Code-In ( ) contest for pre-university students ages 13-17. Our current need is building a list of quality tasks for students to work on during the contest. Please realize these don't have to be code related tasks, but should fit into one of the following five categories: Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance, User Interface.

The application process started Tuesday October 28th and ends this Monday November 10th. Our goal is to submit an application with at least 50 quality tasks. Please contribue by adding task ideas directly our open to the public Google Spreadsheet ( ) until midnight UTC-6 Sunday November 9th. After that, we need to see if Drupal is approved for the contest. If approved, we will need help creating, documenting, and mentoring an additional 100-200 tasks. The more tasks we setup the more opportunities we have to contribue to Drupal.

Did you know that organizations accepted into the GCI contest send the top two students on an all expense paid trip to Google in Mountain View with a parent/guardian ( )? I know that I would be very excited as a young computer nerd to even have a chance to participate in such a program. As a community, we have a very good chance to make connections with young students who could end up spending a good amount of time focusing on Drupal after completing the contest. A good way to find quality contributors might be Drupal sending a few young people to California/GoogleHQ...

GCI Summary:
"Code-In can be thought of as the "Summer of Code" for pre-university students. Rather than specific coding projects, students age 13-17 take on smaller tasks in five categories: Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance, User Interface."

Details @links that explain everything about the contest:


  • Tue Oct 28 - Application Period Starts
  • Mon Nov 10 - Application Period Ends
  • Wed Nov 12 - Accepted Organizations Announced
  • Mon Dec 01 - Contest Begins
  • Wed Jan 21 - Contest Ends
  • Mon Jan 26 - Deadline for mentor orgs to submit evaluations

How can I help?:



  • Create Tasks



  • Submit pre-application task ideas @
  • At least 25 tasks to apply (5 in each of the 5 categories)
  • Register as a mentor by listing your personal details and availability in task spreadsheet.
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