Become a Drupal developer. Live class created by Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master - now available online!

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2017-02-05 (All day) - 2017-02-10 (All day) UTC
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Training (free or commercial)


I am a Technical Architect working at Acquia who has attained the Drupal Grand Master certification. Over 5 previous semesters, my team and I have taught and refined a career-changing Drupal development course at Debug Academy in the greater Washington D.C. area. For the first time, this course is accessible entirely online, at a timezone that is accessible to those in the west coast, with classes taught live out of Portland, OR. It will be taught by Robert Foley, the Director of Technology at The Mighty Guild, who I have had the pleasure of working with on one of Acquia's largest projects.

I wanted to share that our next ‪Drupal‬ ‪developer‬ class begins this February, and can be attended either in-person in Portland, OR, or remotely via live classes on the web. The class is part time (twice a week - 1 weekday evening, 1 weekend morning) and spans 3 months. Apply at our student-built website - the clear path to a new career.

As a direct result of taking our class, our graduates have received (and accepted) job offers from well known development companies such as Acquia, Taoti, Mobomo, Booz Allen, and more. Furthermore, each of those companies has given job offers to students who had no development experience prior to enrolling in the class.

By taking this class and dedicating the appropriate amount of time to learning its material, you will be in great shape for moving to the next phase of your career. The majority of our students are referred by previous graduates, which we are very proud of.

Additionally - we boast a stellar student to teacher ratio, ensuring that the class remains accessible to individuals of any level of experience. There will be a teacher and a TA available during every class, and myself and our alumni are also available in the class chatroom at all hours. With our small class sizes and personalized curriculum, there is no better way to change your career.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.

Take the plunge into an exciting new career!


Guiding you into a new career and a bright future!

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I'm Robert Foley and I will be teaching the classes that Debug Academy has been promoting. I firmly believe that learning the skills to be a web developer and or software engineering can be a positive move to improve your standard of living while opening up opportunities to not just have a "job" but a life long career.

Industry news reports and technical white papers show strong job position needs not only in 2015 (when the report was released). But it concludes that the skill gap and open positions in the technology industry will double every year. This need is a great opportunity to start a new career in an industry that is sure to only grow.

(read more about the data here)

So, what are you waiting for?

I look forward to starting you on this life long journey of discovery and self improvement! Every journey starts with the first step and we're here to be your guide.

Robert Foley Jr
Solutions Architect