January Drupal JAM at Pantheon!

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2017-01-18 18:00 - 21:30 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

YOU are invited to our free-form monthly Drupal-centric or NOT Coder JAM! We get together and make the code - or whatever, in a part-social/part co-working environment.


For the second straight month, JAM will be at the new Pantheon Minneapolis office!

Wyman Building
400 North 1st Avenue Suite 236
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Doors are locked at 6 - so come earlier OR call Drew as you arrive and we'll run down to let you in. 612.385.6582

Holy Druplicons, that's just a block away from the light rail! There are also plenty of local parking ramps available including Ramp C, and on-street parking is available.



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Is JAM an acronym for something?

Let's JAM

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JAM doesn't stand for anything specific. A quick history of the event goes back to the Drupal Coder Meetups that Ray Tiley used to host. He hosted these for a while, but they disappeared for several months (or more) - at a time when a few of us were looking to start a monthly "Drupal Contribution" opportunity.

Ray wanted to resume the Coder Meetups and we felt like it would be a good overlap. However, there was some feeling that "Coder Meetup" was off-putting to folks in the community that do not code.

While the focus of the regular meet-up was learning and sharing and the focus of the happy hour was socializing, the focus of this event was working on projects. Working in any sense of the word. Documentation, site-building, core contribution, or coding. In a sense, it was a kind of social co-working opportunity

We heard of other Drupal events calling themselves JAM's. I think we took it in the spirit of musician's Jamming together and decided to call our event the TCDrupal JAM. Getting together and doing what we do, but doing it together.

Hope this helps.

Tim Erickson

Tim Erickson

We could probably make it a post-hoc acronym

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Just Another Meetup
Journey Alongside Mentors
Jury-rig A Module
Justifiably Acting Moronic

Doesn't groups.drupal.org

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Doesn't groups.drupal.org have a poll function? :P

Okay, maybe that would get out of hand...

what does jam mean?

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I am familiar of this term in the music world, people get together with their musical instruments and one starts playing something and the others "jam" in with what they think would go well -- so I always thought of the coding as getting together with our different projects and "jamming" to see if we can create something good.

Note: a lot of good music has been created from Jams.

Note about the front doors tonight

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Doors are locked at 6 - so come earlier OR call Drew as you arrive and we'll run down to let you in. 612.385.6582

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