Drupal Summit Session Brainstorming

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2017-01-23 18:00 - 20:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

The Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit is in Vancouver this year, on February 25 and 26. Session proposals are due by next Wednesday, January 25. The strength of the event comes from the participation of attendees through session presentations. If you are considering submitting a session, but need help writing a submission or selecting a topic, join us for a brainstorming meeting where we will help each other prepare a session proposal.

This meeting will be held at Forum One (2101 4th Ave #2000). If you plan to attend, please sign up.


Drupal Summit Session Help

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The deadline for submitting a session for next month's Drupal Summit is this Wednesday. If you're hoping to present, but need help organizing your thoughts to prepare a submission—or if you just need moral support to get it done—join us tonight at 6:00 at Forum One (2101 4th Ave #2000). As added incentive, I will bring pizza and beer. The front door will probably be locked, so if you're planning to attend, please sign up by 6:00, so we can make sure you are able to get in.

Drupal Summit submissions - business topics

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Sorry couldn't attend the meeting.

In my quest to see more business or project management related topics for us non-developers, I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on topics they might want to see in that area. Happy to do a session, but not sure what would attract a bunch of developers to go to a business related session.


I'm interested in things

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I'm interested in things like:

estimation methodologies
team efficiency - minimizing delays/unbilled time
balancing learning time with delivery in an agency
How to market your services - as an agency or freelancer
Experiences partnering with other vendors on big projects

business cases for why (or why not) drupal

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I think something that might be apropos to drupal specifically right now would be to look at the business perspective of why/where/when to use drupal vs. a simpler solution like a static site or less sophisticated cms vs. a full-blown framework/web app solution.

There's a lot out there on the technical tradeoffs involved in that decision, but haven't seen as much from the business side. I think it could be particularly interesting to look at some specific case studies where the decision was made one way or the other, and analyze the results, the impact on the business, and see if there are any interesting takeaways from that and if they would/should have stuck with the same decision in hindsight.

Weebly vs Drupal

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I put up a website using Weebly (instead of Drupal) for my senior residence community because the committee wanted something easy to use and maintain. It turns out, I am left holding the bag. No one wants to make the effort to maintain the site. Joke is on me. I should have used Drupal. ;-)

Review or practice

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Sorry I wasn't able to attend the meeting. If anyone that's presenting would like a technical review of their presentation or just someone to practice with and get some feedback, let me know.