PNWDS 2017 Vancouver: I accidentally registered twice! Wanna buy my second ticket?

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Hello, fellow PNW Drupaliers!

In a panic over tickets selling out, and not being able to locate any email confirmation of my having already registered, I inadvertently bought a second $55 ticket to this year's event.

I subsequently noticed the "tickets" tab in my account profile, informing me that I had registered way back in early December.

So, I have an extra ticket -- I believe there is some way that I can pass mine on to someone, so if anyone is interested in buying my second ticket, I'd love to hear from you!


~ Richard


What is PNWDS? Can you link

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What is PNWDS? Can you link to the website.

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

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Hey, it's the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, a conference that rotates between Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver (this year in Vancouver). It's coming up soon, and selling out quick, so check it out:

That looks awesome! I'll

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That looks awesome! I'll think about it, 5-6 hour drive for me but we are a 1 car family now!

Anyone going from Portland who wants to carpool (in your car ;)?

Check Amtrak

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Lots of people from Seattle normally go to the Drupal Summit by train when it's in Portland or Vancouver... I'm not sure if the Portland-Seattle and Seattle-Vancouver train schedules mesh up well, but you might want to check into that.

I encourage you to go -- it's always a great event!

Prior commitment

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Bummer, was trying to make this work but turns out I have a prior commitment. Will definitely go to this next year, especially since it is in Portland next year!

I am going on the train :)

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I am going on the train :)

I checked the train schedule

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I checked the train schedule doesn't work well. Coming back would be nearly impossible by train due to length of travel and waiting till monday. I am flying, its about a 1 hour flight and it was only about $100 more than the train.

The train was awesome to Seattle last year though.

bus is alternative

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if you want to avoid having to get to the airport and all the security measures, both Bolt and Greyhound are other options. Yes, taking the train to Vancouver is a beautiful ride along the Pacific shoreline, can't get that on the road!

Seeking ticket

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Hi, I'm looking for a ticket if it's still available!

Extra PNW Ticket

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Hi embirr! Yes we still have an extra ticket. We could do an e-transfer for funds and I can let the PNW Organizers know that we have a ticket to register to you. Would this be something that works for you?


Extra PNW ticket

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Sure, Annabella, thanks! You can contact me directly