GeoCode 3.0

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Any other local Drupalists interested in attending GeoCode this weekend? This is part unconference and part hack-a-thon. Registration is free.

I will probably hack on a Drupal project I started with friends at least years GeoCode 2.0, feel to to join me.

I also plan on joining some of the unconference discussions. I would love to see more Drupal representation at some of the local civic tech events.

Some information from website:

Join Open Twin Cities and Hennepin County for one of the most important civic tech events in the Twin Cities. Geo:Code 2017 is a series of open data workshops and conversations to connect people who live, work and govern in Hennepin County. This year we will have two tracks: a county camp unconference and, as in years past, coding space for an open hackathon. Participants are welcome to participate in either or both tracks and to switch through out the weekend.

The goal is to create a more accessible government by working with residents and fans of Hennepin County. This event is free and we will serve breakfast and lunch. Geo:Code 2017 will be held at the Minneapolis Central Library. Bring your ideas, your experiences, and your creativity. Submit an idea for a session below once you have registered.


Normally I'd love to check

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Normally I'd love to check this out, and it's even on my side of town. But this weekend's not good for me - have to pass.