Your New Drupal North Board!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the election, both nominees and voters. We (the community) truly appreciate that you are interested in the success and progression of Drupal North and we are excited to see how many votes were cast. What a great voter turnout!

That said, we now have our first official Board of Directors for Drupal North!

It's weird that I am the one writing this, but we want to congratulate the Board elect:

Pat Gilbert - President User Profile:

Bill Wu - Vice President User Profile:

Erin Marchak - Treasurer User Profile:

The board is happy to begin/continue the planning of Drupal North and we will keep everyone informed of some the key details in the very near future. We have a lot of work ahead of us and have already started to get things moving again. We are excited for Drupal North 2017! See you all there!

Thanks again and keep on Drupalin!



Congratulations Pat, Bill and Erin!

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This is fantastic news!

Thank you to all of the candidates for their commitment to the community and this democratic election.

I couldn't be happier to see proper governance for Drupal North become a reality after -- checks watch –- three years of trying to make it happen. I look forward to transitioning ownership and assets to the new Board in the near future. :)

And once again, thank you so much to Pat and Aidan for their collaboration and putting in the time and effort to make the election happen and to everyone who cast their votes!

The future of the summit looks promising!


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